We cannot rely on Tor if this environment turns more adversarial. Feels like a major weak point.

@mattodell I'm assuming we can't set our nodes without TOR, but run them over a VPN instead?


@AgentHODL @mattodell
You have to trust the VPN provider not to spy on your traffic. With Tor, there are middle hops that hide the destination from the guard node (the node you connect from) and the origin form the exit node (the node where your connection goes to the onion service or the clearnet website).

@gugou_daktulios @AgentHODL If environment turns more adversarial then I assume major hosted VPNs will get squeezed pretty early on.

@AndrewRyan @mattodell @gugou_daktulios @AgentHODL
Self hosted VPN's in reputable datacenters. Node has static route through the VPN. We could also start our own hosted VPN services

@hellstew @AndrewRyan @mattodell @AgentHODL the reputable datacenter can still snoop on your traffic and link it to your IP address. Tor is really unreplaceable right now

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