Playing with lnd... still very rough experience.

When you truly start being concerned about privacy and security you realize that our current solutions are still in their infancy.

PSA: To use Mastodon in Tor Browser with JS disabled (as it should be), the quickest way is to log-in via

It seems Tor next improvements will focus mostly on reducing DoS for hidden services using PoW and Anonymous tokens. Articles:

We cannot rely on Tor if this environment turns more adversarial. Feels like a major weak point.

Are you just? Or will you fall prey of your own appetites? The shadows are the best mirrors for our true selves.

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Socrates concludes that if a man would fall into stealing, raping and murdering as soon as he was hidden from the public sight and the threat of retaliation, than such man would be nor free nor just because he is enslaved by his own appetites.

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Can any man that call itself just, can do so without being anonymous? The tale of Gyses, King of Lydia, comes to mind. Gyses, a simple peasant in possession of a magical ring that could grant him invisibility at will, uses it to seduce the queen, murder the king and take the throne. In "The Republic", Socrates and Glaucon use the tale of the Ring of Gyses to debate whether a just man would still be just if he was truly invisible.

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