Can't believe it's almost a decade since the introduction of and it is stronger than ever with loads of innovation in the pipeline. $BTC

Federation report: in the last hour, received 15325 toots from 521 instances. We can see at the moment 51.84% (55.20% excluding of the network statuses and are connected to 4483/5693 known instances.

So according to executive management, miners are in charge of their roadmap as announced in nChain's "SV" implementation blog post. BCash is a joke! Stick to $BTC and avoid $BCH at all costs.

Beware of the ... Soon it'll be full desperation mode for them when they are stuck with illiquid $BCH facing a liquidity crunch!

I know this might be very unpopular, but I have to ask...are there any other BTC Maximalist/Vegetarians here besides me? 😀 🍊 🥕 🥒 🥦 🤣

The local timeline give an incentive to use rather than any other server since with it you can discover contents from most bitcoiners without even having to follow them.

Great for finding new interesting people to follow without having to relay on either luck or your followers to find them.

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