What it's like to use a De-Googled phone in real life?

(Q&A of concerns)


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The future isn't going to build itself. We made to help you build it better, faster, stronger, with the best tools for the hardest money, .

Introducing Amboss.Space, the first stop on the lightning moon journey.

There is a new proxy merchant in Germany:

ProxyStore: proxysto.re


Anonymous pickup of physical goods, mail forwarding - many options for your privacy.

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new dispatch in seven hours with @openoms and @cycryptr to discuss bitcoin and lightning privacy @ 2100 UTC / 5PM EDT.

join us live or catch it after:
citadeldispatch.com - @citadeldispatch

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Announcing Terminal Web, a new site to help Lightning users improve their nodes! ✅

Run a Lightning node? Check your score and view recommendations to better allocate on Lightning.

See who tops the list: terminal.lightning.engineering. 🏆

Learn more: lightning.engineering/posts/20

Messengers that don't need a phone number:

Briar, Session, Wickr

Mastodon exculsive toot:

If you need to trade higher volume crypto anonymously, buy an exchange account from roober.cc

If you need to register Telegram, Signal or another messenger that needs a phone number anonymously, buy a google voice acccount from buyaccs.com

What other solutions do you use?

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Sending a Payjoin is just as easy with the slick JoinInBox interface for @joinmarket - a one-click-install on every @RaspiBlitz ⚡⚡⚡

I saw our toxic folks making memes on this WEF quote/post, I thought it was a just satire.

Nope, these ppl actually hate humanity.

Bitcoin Fixes This

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@BTCSTREETART's ' Awareness Game' incentivised people by sending them 615sats over LN for photographs, tags & reposts of Bitcoin stickers in the wild.

"If you place a sticker well, it has huge reach. You can’t defend yourself against this. Once seen, you can’t unsee it."

Bitcoin's success is very likely to increase global instability. It may not be a force for net good (but the genie is out of the bottle now)

Whoever trusts governments and central banks at this point is beyond salvation.

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So @elonmusk, do you want to trade a @SpaceXStarlink dish for a @RaspiBlitz, a full and node running on a @Raspberry_Pi?

It's a bit like a Cybertruck, only for . Also runs on electrical power. It just doesn't have wheels (yet).

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