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@BTCSTREETART's ' Awareness Game' incentivised people by sending them 615sats over LN for photographs, tags & reposts of Bitcoin stickers in the wild.

"If you place a sticker well, it has huge reach. You can’t defend yourself against this. Once seen, you can’t unsee it."

Bitcoin's success is very likely to increase global instability. It may not be a force for net good (but the genie is out of the bottle now)

Whoever trusts governments and central banks at this point is beyond salvation.

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So @elonmusk, do you want to trade a @SpaceXStarlink dish for a @RaspiBlitz, a full and node running on a @Raspberry_Pi?

It's a bit like a Cybertruck, only for . Also runs on electrical power. It just doesn't have wheels (yet).

Can anybody recommend dedicated hardware to run on that's available in the EU? It should be able to deal with a 1Gbit/s broadband connection and a large LAN with several concurrent VPN connections.

Netgate seems to ship only from the US and the hardware is crazy expensive. What alternatives are recommended?

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Bisq @bisq_network just got another upgrade. It's now possible to trade cash via mail. 💸

To make life a bit easier and safer for everyone, we're offering tamper proof cash bags made in Germany at the Fulmo Shop, shop.fulmo.org/product/tamper- 🦭

Keep decentralizing! ⚡️

@nicebit I ment this for personal use. By default machines sharing the same VPN would be the part of the same network.
Sure it can be done, but there is competition. You can pay for mullvad.net on lightning: vpn.sovereign.engineering/

Test the native Tor for iOS and Android in the latest @ZeusLN beta ⚡️
Updated the instructions to get the pairing code from a : github.com/openoms/bitcoin-tut

Tip for Windows users: you can generate a fitting QRcode with a local, open-source app.
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There is no good reason to have Google in your phone.
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CalyxOS for the @Xiaomi Mi A2 has now been updated to @Android version 11 ! t.co/PmDHGZNUUw

Testing the Lightning Terminal on the .
Try the latest 0.4.0-alpha release from here: github.com/rootzoll/raspiblitz
, and are built in to GUI
Accessible over HTTPS and Tor .
Settings are preserved on the disk.

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