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will eventually consume virtually all energy.

What gets de-energized?

- Central banks
- Banks
- Fiat money
- War
- Hatred
- Racism
- Sexism
- Economists

Bitcoin is God hacking humanity to put us back on course.

Sorry to do this to you fellas, but if you watch porn all the time you're slowly losing your edge.

Fuck or sprint

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I want to work on Bitcoin shit and quit my Fiat job

I just had a dream hanging out with Hal Finney

Price dip doesn't scare me. TOR glitches and successful attacks scare tf out of me though

This TOR consensus issue is really concerning. I have very few connections to my lightning peers

The censorship wars are upon us.


Time to step the fuck up.

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2020 adoption metrics on @bluewalletio

YoY Top % Growth by Country

1. Lebanon +1,781%
2. Israel +1,207%
3. Nigeria +667%
4. Ghana +417%
5. Argentina +375%
6. South Africa +292%
7. Brazil +281%
8. Saudi Arabia +280%
9. Pakistan +199%
10. Ukraine +183%


BTFD or unfollow me now (my dear 12 followers I'm looking at you)

Yo! First post!

Bought that dip with most of my paycheck and now im gonna fast for a month lmao

Good to see yall again

Also on gab at gab.com/stirling

Have huge outreach to the normies and boomers over there

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