I’m realizing how much news I got off Twitter. Anybody have a few good Mastodon accounts to follow to keep tabs on the world??

The domains, federations, home .... it is taking a while to sink into my thick skull, but it’s starting to click. The learning curve is steeper, but I think this is going to be pretty great.

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Welcome new influx of Twitter exodus.

This is a free speech safe-space, keep it legal and non-spammy and we should all survive.

There is no privacy here, this software was not designed with that in mind, govern yourself accordingly. Note, running this stock & best effort basis.


PS: keep your corn safe bitcoinsecurity.guide

It’s going to need some fortifications, but I’m ready to prepare a winterland citadel.

Bitcoin Twitter felt like being piped into a big conference all day. Mastodon feels like a local Bitcoin meetup six years ago.

Mega-Bullish on this experience.

I must be doing something wrong, just can’t figure out my groove on finding where the “action” is here 🤔

First toot! Still have some profile stuff to setup, but liking the overall feel of Mastodon.

Still not sure if my toots are going to the server I signed up with or a general federated timeline. 🤔

Bitcoin Mastodon

Bitcoin Maston Instance