We just received our biggest donation:

176.809.335sat or $100k

Thank you to the donor who so far remained anonymous. We will not disappoint you and push the project forward to increase transparency and security in the Bitcoin Wallet space!

Apparently they are all "early access" and available to others.

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They were just fine at least most of them one day and all of them two days ago.

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Not sure if this $100 bounty from @giszmo is still live but a machine-readable version of walletsrecovery would be super helpful: github.com/nvk/wallets-recover

Could help build tools similar to electrum's bip39 recovery: github.com/spesmilo/electrum/b

There are two main pieces of work:
1. making walletsrecovery.org a jekyll site that builds from yaml or json files
2. converting all the existing info into yaml or json files

@CountBitcoin The landing looked quite violent. Bounced off the ground and damn there was a lot of fire but that last part is probably by design when switching off engines designed to blast out cubic meters of fuel per second.

Michael Saylor's Microstrategy is now borrowing $600,000,000 at 3% to buy more . Is he trying out how much exposure to BTC will still be appreciated by his share holders? Cause $MSTR is down 4% today. For BTC of course there couldn't be a more bullish case than a big entity offering 3% interest to buy BTC while central banks offer 0%. Eat this, central banks!


I heard that RobinHood app is lending out $GME stocks to shorters, making a killing in interest? So all that think they stick it to the hedgies by buying GME don't put any real pressure on them, as those stocks they "own" are floating around, lent out to the hedgies again? So you might end up "buying" a stock three times cause RH lent your stock to hedgies that sold them to you again and again?

@fabianwyss So the idea is to let the user judge. For a start that's probably good enough.

@fabianwyss I imagine the app having a "seal" button which puts it into scan mode. As soon as it recognizes the lid in a good resolution, sharpness and lighting, it freezes the video stream, cuts the image to an ellipse and rotates that ellipse to a default orientation circle with max contrast (lid needs a marker for that).

The "check" button does the same but then diffs both images radar style for one round, displaying the pixel diff in red, with the result expressed as %% match.

@fabianwyss I miss the part in the video where your app tells you if the jar was opened or not.

* close
* seal with app
* check seal with app: succeeds for a range of angles and lighting
* break seal
* check seal with app: fails with display of pattern

Not sure how far in the product cycle you are but I would find it extra cool if the app would recognize the orientation of the lid and normalize it and when checking, show a radar scanner animation superposing old and new scan.

@joshirio Ok, I see. So the shorts might change hands but ultimately there will always be many people willing to short an asset that's obviously overpriced?

A week ago the narrative on WSB was kind of "it will resolve Friday or next week" but that certainly raised the wrong expectations. Over-leveraged shorts depend on the other side surrendering but a squeeze also depends on the other side surrendering. If they don't, the squeezers lose everything. :(

As Sun Tzu said: "When you surround an army, leave an outlet free."

Wouldn't it be wiser to define a clear goal that allows the Shorters to get out by paying the Squeezers accordingly? Block the easy way out with limit buys above $100 but get all on limit sells at $1000. This is the "way out" for the Shorters but at a terrible price:

* precedence: Other over-leveraged shorters will tremble as they already do a bit
* Squeezers get massive capital from Shorters
* Shorters end up holding

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So Squeezers are rooting for #3 but not very orderly. Some yell "To $100k! It's not about the money" and others take their profits.

This will inevitably lead to either the intermediaries and regulators resolving the dilemma or in the case of Shorters going bankrupt, in years of legal battle over the remains.

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Who can explain to me how the $GME situation can resolve? I see three options:

1) Squeezers jump to silver (too big to swallow) and doge (which isn't even short in the same sense that GME is), pressure dwindles and shorters win.
2) SEC steps in to protect some group, actually protecting the shorters.
3) Shorters do declare bankruptcy and fail to deliver

@zndtoshi @lopp I'm pretty sure there is no lack of mirrors. If bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf ever yields anything but the hash b1674191a88ec5cdd733e4240a81803105dc412d6c6708d53ab94fc248f4f553 I'm sure this will get noticed and be considered a canary in the coal mine dying. There was discussion of annotating that version of the Bitcoin whitepaper but ultimately it's still the original.

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RT @fluffypony
I'm hosting the Bitcoin whitepaper, as distributed by Satoshi under the MIT license with the original Bitcoin code, on this site:

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