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Instagram = top fiat system hypocrisy lifestyle through regular wannabe someone nobodies.

Shill me some maxi toxic bitcoinerettes, they are underrated, noone is mentioning them ever, we need them in the space.
Plus my future wife is probably in there, need to find her out.

Fiat shill: "Bitcoin people are all lazy and totally stupid"
Me: what's a barber?

Good morning terrorists, money launderers and criminals!

2010 "what a scam ponzi, retards buying this"
2012 "wtf, it's still there and growing?? Gotta check that a bit more carefully... gonna buy some a bit"
2014 "i'm gonna trade it hehe"
2019 "ngu, hodl, node, ∞/21M"

Tv talking about Stefan Thomas locked Btc story.
It was for maybe 2 minutes long out of some 1 hour long news, but still.

Few days after my lovely ❤ christine said Btc is used for funny business, the Belgian police just caught a trafficker carrying 280k euros in his car, and hiding 1 million euros more in his flat.
Why didn't he use Btc like christine ❤ said??
Such a shock.

You don't have the choice until you have the choice

Let the plebs chieftains shill bitcoin for us on twitter, while us future kings chill out in there all together

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Hey @bitcoinhackers, I was permanently banned on Twitter over the weekend and I refuse to create a new account.

Can you guys please boost this so I can find and reconnect with people, thanks!

I just hate to keep euros in my bank account for some reason 😕

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