Some people pay 40 dollars to have their beard trimmed?
Im doing it myself and stacking sats instead.
And at least i won't hear a barber talking to me about xrp or link for 30 mins straight lol.

Do you think this dude is panic selling his bitcoin when it dumps?

Big round of applause to every bitcoinerettes, wow.
Yes, just wow.

Fiat shill: "Bitcoin people are all lazy and totally stupid"
Me: what's a barber?

Tv talking about Stefan Thomas locked Btc story.
It was for maybe 2 minutes long out of some 1 hour long news, but still.

Few days after my lovely ❤ christine said Btc is used for funny business, the Belgian police just caught a trafficker carrying 280k euros in his car, and hiding 1 million euros more in his flat.
Why didn't he use Btc like christine ❤ said??
Such a shock.

The ebay ledger nano hack should be more credible than the boat accident to the irs.

When the undercover FBI agent didn't understand a single thing of what bitcoiners who fell down the rabbit hole were talking about.

The FBI know it is useless to try to censor Btc, but apparently Christine knows.
Like Raoul pal is warming on xrp, i am now warming on Christine.
Hmmm, Christine ❤

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