satoshi in disbelief on the superiority of bsc over ethereum. A decent management of centralised decentralisation beats unicorns political shitshows.

Btc is everyone's hopes, dreams, fears and desires crossing each others simultaneously in a gigantic network of truth, love and hate, where infinity is the number 21. Inequalities decrease the more understanding increases.

Bitcoin is a crual double edged sword.
It is a perfect weapon for Vladimir Putin.
But it could also become his worst nightmare.
It gives you forms of independence, but forces you to hide your true nature through honesty.

Some people pay 40 dollars to have their beard trimmed?
Im doing it myself and stacking sats instead.
And at least i won't hear a barber talking to me about xrp or link for 30 mins straight lol.

Today was another proof that fiat currencies have zero value and are simply an artificial reflection of plutocrats insiders.
Bitcoin will destroy this and will fix your rights and liberties.

Trying to piss off a few plutocrats using a centralized stock via centralized trading apps is some business for kindergarden children, though looking nice.
Piss off everything and all of them with Bitcoin instead.

satoshi never used a copyright for his white paper, so we can copy it right and copy our rights if his white paper ever disappeared or failed.
Bsv is made out of a copywright and has no value.

Do you think this dude is panic selling his bitcoin when it dumps?

Big round of applause to every bitcoinerettes, wow.
Yes, just wow.

If voting could make things change, it would have been prohibited long ago

Fiatists are slow murderers, it is our duty to try our best to stop their exponential insanity growth.
Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, how many more countries need to be fucked up by their central banks before the world realise?
We have big responsibilities, and it is part of our duty to be stressed trying to help Btc to grow.
Every bitcoiner should feel stressed by the heavy burden of truth he is carrying on his shoulders.

If we could put truth in front of a mirror we would see Bitcoin

Less U.S army, more BTC.
Pollute more to pollute less.

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