Sure, we can laugh at hypochondriac morons wearing triple-masks all day while walking outdoor alone. We can mock the absurd superstitious rituals of scared folks rushing to wear masks while entering a restaurant, then taking them off after 30 seconds in order to eat and ...

... talk together for 2 hours, at the same table, then rushing again to wear them again just to walk to the toilet (alone). We can make fun of all kinds of ridicule feel-safe superstitions. But people who are only irrationally scared for themselves are not a real problem, ...

... since they bear the direct cost of their funny rituals, which is itself a good skin-in-the-game feedback loop, pushing for some sort of eventual equilibrium. The scariest memetic virus that managed to infect the world is not the one of direct "self-preservation" panic ...

... (however irrational), but the one summarized with the "masks protect others" slogan. The former would become actually almost sustainable over time: it consists of personal choices, where people eventually end up bearing costs for more irrational panic, and vice-versa, ...

... while ut the latter is a truly powerful weapon: everyone externalizes the cost of superstitious beliefs, increasing moral hazard, turning off the brain, and venting frustration in absurd witch-hunts. That the latter prevailed is not a surprise, within the context of a ...

... global civilization losing itself in a cesspool of collectivist mythology. A hazmat-suit-hysteria "to save yourself" would have been *way* less harmful and more manageable than a surgical-mask-hysteria "to protect others". It's fucked up, people.

@giacomozucco i call it “externality paranoia”
Everything every single person on Earth does is ultimately a threat to me.
Freedom is a lie, cooperation is impossible. Only options are the war of all against all or absolute totalitarian control.

@giacomozucco mask hysteria ultimately undercuts the effectiveness of masks. The evidence that they provide protection is slim, however; if used by people who feel unwell, they can be a very powerful social cue.

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