American conservatives hoping for the government to get control of social media platforms are dangerous, ignorant, inconsistent, hypocritical, disgusting fools. If the government is your answer, your question was fucking stupid.

I'll start using this a bit more: I can't stand Twitter anymore since there's too much spam by Udi Wertheimer over there.

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While I'm generally opposed to lockdowns, in these extraordinary times the idea of closing down all non-essential activities & services is growing on me.

Let's start w/ Fed, IRS, SEC, NSA, CIA, FBI, FDA, TSA, DEA, EPA, DHS, ATF, SSA, DOE, DOD, & all international equivalents.

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Dopo l'enorme successo dell'app "Immuni", arriva finalmente anche "Infami", la nuova app per segnalare il vicino di casa che ha ospiti non approvati dal Partito. Scaricatela numerosi! Non c'è Salute senza Delazione.


To the Bitcoinhackers on Mastodon

Im Meehow, Im a designer looking to help in a bitcoin open source project. You are function - I am FORM.

Reaching out to the people I feel I can trust @vortex @nvk @Francispouliot @aantonop @giacomozucco maybe one of you can steer me in the right direction.

Thank you for your time.

Brief w/ @leahwald @giacomozucco & @nvk to talk , @IBM's , @BITMAINtech going IPO while stuck holding the $BCH bag & $BTCUSD of course:

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Phases can't be homogenous/synchronous b/c of the different nations' view-/starting points based on their different

-technical ability/knowledge
-infrastructure &
-cultural level

Also it is a big difference if you're living under the "protection" of the USD hegemony or if you are suppressed by it.

It is like Giacomo pointed out: different tempi in repeating cycles at different scales _but_ BTC will suck them all into acceptance!

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One great analogy - a non-hidden gem - in this interview made by Giacomo:

The comparison to Eliabeth Kübler Ross‘ five phases of dying the fiat monetary sys/central banks _will_ walk though.

1. Denial
2. Anger
3. Bargaining
4. Depression
5. Acceptance

👏👏👏 🙏


Spot on!

In public Anarchists are regarded as antisocial, as a small group of never-wannabe-adults w/out any goal willing to achieve, a solitary pile/collection of bad behavior...


instead Anarchists are interacting like a tribe helping to build their members' different strengths, forming coalitions w/ other tribes, integrating/spreading knowledge for making/creating a better understanding of humanity!

No bloody, f#$*ing NW is banning @giacomozucco w/out consequences!

@kelbie has created a github to help fight against Mastodon imposters.

This is a pretty solid use case for a proof for Mastodon as well.

@GIGhorizons @fulrich @giacomozucco

Just listened & it's very good indeed. Now I'm browsing the previous 45 shows & surprised I've missed this podcast!

Come have a listen to Crypto Voices Show 46 with @giacomozucco, on #centralbanks, #monopoly, historical gold comparisons, the euro, and more. Part I of II here now:… @fulrich @giacomozucco
#bitcoin #btc #austrianeconomics

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