Non dico che brinderei al primo sbirro che ci rimane mentre reprime le proteste delle vittime del coronazismo. Dico solo che cmq bisogna bere, per una questione di idratazione. E che alzare un bicchiere pieno é cmq esercizio fisico. In entrambi i casi, la salute prima di tutto.

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@drbitcoinmd @TeletubbiesHQ Have fun staying Po

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Eh-Oh...what could the Teletubbies be possibly hiding from us? Stay tuned for something BIG this week. 🚀

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BREAKING: $GS will begin offering and other digital assets related investments to its private wealth management clients in the second quarter, @Hugh_Son reports:

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Oh wow. People are trying to save Room77. Hope this works out 😍

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We want to thank @Tesla for submitting the disclosure that led to these fixes and helping us with remediation. Thank you for contributing to the community and helping keep our users safe. 💚

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Population lockdowns have been presented by governments across the world in 2020/21 as tools for protecting human life & health by reducing the transmission of disease. Is this claim borne out by the facts?

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5/ The inefficacy of lockdowns may come as a surprise to some, but in reality, the accumulated wisdom on disease control - WHO, CDC, & international best practise up to January 2020 - was firmly against the imposition of quarantines on healthy populations, & with good reason...

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4/ We know lockdowns are not yielding better epidemiological outcomes from (a) the similar hospitalisation & mortality curves for stringent vs lax regimes, eg Sweden vs UK, N. vs S. Dakota, Florida vs California; (b) cross-country analyses - here are a few representative graphs:

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@ercwl @RyanTheGentry @giacomozucco @sphinx_chat @Bitcoinbeach @ln_strike @Bitrefill @btcven Haters gonna hate, builders gonna build.

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@starkness @ercwl @RyanTheGentry @giacomozucco @sphinx_chat @Bitcoinbeach @ln_strike @Bitrefill @btcven Even a year to Eighteen months ago I was somewhat lightning skeptical.
As I type this I am listening to a podcast streaming micro payments by the minute, over the lightning network.

All of a sudden, the future rushes toward you.

You don't say: politically-driven biotech mass experiments can be risky. I'm shocked.
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Canadian officials have begun to stop administering the AstraZeneca vaccine over concerns there could be health complications for people under 55

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@ercwl @RyanTheGentry @giacomozucco Every day I hear awesome stories from @sphinx_chat to @Bitcoinbeach to @ln_strike to @Bitrefill to @btcven and all the amazing use cases that are starting to emerge, and I'm grateful to be bringing to millions of people around the world. 🌍

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