To the Bitcoinhackers on Mastodon

Im Meehow, Im a designer looking to help in a bitcoin open source project. You are function - I am FORM.

Reaching out to the people I feel I can trust @vortex @nvk @Francispouliot @aantonop @giacomozucco maybe one of you can steer me in the right direction.

Thank you for your time.

Brief w/ @leahwald @giacomozucco & @nvk to talk , @IBM's , @BITMAINtech going IPO while stuck holding the $BCH bag & $BTCUSD of course:

@giacomozucco @mydogisahusky

Phases can't be homogenous/synchronous b/c of the different nations' view-/starting points based on their different

-technical ability/knowledge
-infrastructure &
-cultural level

Also it is a big difference if you're living under the "protection" of the USD hegemony or if you are suppressed by it.

It is like Giacomo pointed out: different tempi in repeating cycles at different scales _but_ BTC will suck them all into acceptance!

@mydogisahusky @giacomozucco

One great analogy - a non-hidden gem - in this interview made by Giacomo:

The comparison to Eliabeth Kübler Ross‘ five phases of dying the fiat monetary sys/central banks _will_ walk though.

1. Denial
2. Anger
3. Bargaining
4. Depression
5. Acceptance

👏👏👏 🙏


Spot on!

In public Anarchists are regarded as antisocial, as a small group of never-wannabe-adults w/out any goal willing to achieve, a solitary pile/collection of bad behavior...


instead Anarchists are interacting like a tribe helping to build their members' different strengths, forming coalitions w/ other tribes, integrating/spreading knowledge for making/creating a better understanding of humanity!

No bloody, f#$*ing NW is banning @giacomozucco w/out consequences!

@kelbie has created a github to help fight against Mastodon imposters.

This is a pretty solid use case for a proof for Mastodon as well.

@GIGhorizons @fulrich @giacomozucco

Just listened & it's very good indeed. Now I'm browsing the previous 45 shows & surprised I've missed this podcast!

Come have a listen to Crypto Voices Show 46 with @giacomozucco, on #centralbanks, #monopoly, historical gold comparisons, the euro, and more. Part I of II here now:… @fulrich @giacomozucco
#bitcoin #btc #austrianeconomics

@fed your tweet was the reason I finally gave it a try. I also had some time available. And as me other followers of yours and @giacomozucco especially I'm sure. And followers of followers as the network effect goes.

So since we are all on Mastodon now, you guys may be interested in reading about a culture war between different instances that happened last year. Quite a fascinating story

@doubleyousee23 Yeah I get that. But this has drawbacks.

Probably a good idea for a @Mastodon fork: add decentralized identity to the mix. Instances just host and distribute your tweets/toots/burps/whatever including media. Hop on and off server instances whenever you want and keep your identity/handle while doing so.

Bitcoin Mastodon probably now has more hourly users than all Ethereum dApps combined.

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