Shitcoiners trying to make more fiat money, bitcoiners trying to free people from fiat money.

Different energy.

Want to help accelerate the global upgrade to better money?


Well OFAC compliant blocks sure didn’t last very long.


"Amazon has suspended book purchases using Internet. We are concerned about its rapidly increasing use of fossil fuels, especially coal, which has the worst emissions of any fuel. [...]"

Yes, Bitcoin doesn't care about social attacks, and it most likely already won. Yes, Bitcoiners DO care about social attacks, and that's part of the reasons (together with social/technical inertia, which is admittedly way more important) Bitcoin will win.

Aggregating bitcoin & shitcoin-scams into the same "Crypto industry" makes just as much sense as aggregating astrophysics & astrology-scams into the same "Astro industry".

"Crypto" diversification must be the best litmus test ever for stupidity (or dishonesty). How dumb must you be (or your targets) not to see that shitcoins dump when famous people criticize Bitcoin? Or that "altseasons" are always perfectly in sync with Bitcoin's halving cycles?

There was a little man in China, who thought he was a god. His name was J. W. He wanted to beat down , but beat him down instead. Now there is a little man in Texas, who thinks he is a god. His name is E. M. Spoiler alert: it ends just the same.

You anarchist hippies can say what you want, but the truth is that COMPLIANCE is very important!!!

Eventually, all the employees of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) will have to make sure their nodes are fully compliant with the Bitcoin Regulation (consensus rules).

Italy, 2021. An underage kid (healthy, thus *not* carrying diseases) refuse to wear a facial mask in his classroom. Local "authorities" send armed cops to assault him, handcuff him on the ground, drug him, imprison him in a psychiatric asylum for *days*.

"Regulator-compliant Bitcoin" = Foot-powered Flintmobile = laughable nonsense people should stop to take seriously after the age of 4.

"Complex" and even "hypercomplex" numbers are actually fairly simple. "Real" numbers are mostly hallucinatory, while "imaginary" numbers are pretty physical. The "Fundamental Theorem of Algebra" is neither fundamental nor about (modern) algebra. Math is basically a scam.

Written in 2005. Best description of the Great Global Madness of 2020/2021.

Non dico che brinderei al primo sbirro che ci rimane mentre reprime le proteste delle vittime del coronazismo. Dico solo che cmq bisogna bere, per una questione di idratazione. E che alzare un bicchiere pieno é cmq esercizio fisico. In entrambi i casi, la salute prima di tutto.

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