Introducing SATurn: Value for Value analytics.

Excited yet? 🥳

Do you want to see how your audience is listening to your episodes? Do they skip the intro? Which part resonated most?

Let's take a look at how awesome this is. 🧵👇

🚀Users of the Alby podcaster wallet can connect their account to SATurn to receive valuable insights into the performance of their podcasts and read all messages from their audience sent by Value for Value enabled podcast players. See how easily this is done 👇

🚀Hello SATurn dashboard, Now you can better understand HOW users are listening to your shows and episodes of any Value for Value podcast player and which episodes resonate best with your audience:

🚀The episode view allows you to see listening stats along the timeline of your podcast. Super cool right?

🚀Who is your biggest fan/contributor? yeah, you guessed it we cover this also, check out your biggest contributors, maybe even say thank you on Twitter🥰and show your appreciation.

🚀The 🔴 Live view: See boosts as they come in during the show. To include a GIF into payments just paste the URL of it along in your comment!

🚀 Ok, tell me this is not just the best thing you will have seen on Twitter today 😀

We wrote a full blog post👇, where you can read much more about SATurn and its awesomeness, Please do check it out, and of course, let us know what you think 🧡

Please Note: SATurn was built during a hackathon and has to be considered in BETA. There is a lot of room to improve and you might come across some errors. If you are brave enough though, we would love to get you as an early adopter and hear your feedback! 🧡

@getAlby looks AMAZING! Well done!

I wish I could do front end dev like that so quick.

I notice that payments I've made into my own alby wallet address show up there.

@getAlby Any chance of trying it before tomorrow's board meeting?

@getAlby Have started using it across all my shows. Works fantastic!

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