I have a plan that just might work to end the conflict in the Ukraine.

It involves @giacomozucco, colored contact lenses, a hair and beard trim, a green tall back leather chair, a green screen and some acting.

Though war is probably good for Bitcoin, like everything else.

Alternatively, he might be able to compel the public to send him a couple billion U$D.

Underrated chart.

The lesson will be learned.

:bitcoin: not 💩 coin.

This guy read my mind and put it into meme form. Someone needs to ask Peter Schiff how he'd donate gold to Ukraine (or Russia) and whether or not that constitutes utility.

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Check out this garbage take by the Auschwitz Museum against Elon Musk's now deleted Hitler/Trudeau tweet.

He's pushing back against the type of tyranny that led to the Holocaust.

By the Montreal Holocaust Museum's own "The Ten Stages of Genocide", Trudeau is already half way there (depending on your interpretation and adaptation to modern times - app and gps tracking vs. symbolic clothing for example).


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Alex Jones, 2009

While the tinfoil conspiracy theory brigade is usually 6-12 months ahead of the curve, Alex Jones was way ahead of everyone.

This would've sounded like crackpot nonsense back then, but every day now it becomes more believable 🤣


This is a very positive sign.

The shitcoin rektoning may finally be upon us.

Shitcoins relative to Bitcoin :bitcoin: :

I just helped back @jimmysong and his fellow authors of "Bitcoin and the American Dream".

I'm looking forward to reading it and sharing it with family and friends.


Bravo, @excellion !

Amazing interview and strong ending. My favorite part: "No."

Brilliant concept with the Bitcoin bonus on the bond.

El Salvador is looking like a great destination.

"If you build it they will come."

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