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Musk, Gates, Buffet and Munger, among others, need to start taking this approach when asked their thoughts on Bitcoin.

It's transparent to anyone with anything more than cursory knowledge of Bitcoin that they don't know enough to opine so their feigned knowledge is only fooling the uninformed while letting the informed know what kind of people they are. Bullshitters.

Perfect example of how Bitcoiners are years ahead of everyone, simply because we understand how the technology of money and the free market should operate.

This is a very positive sign.

The shitcoin rektoning may finally be upon us.

Shitcoins relative to Bitcoin :bitcoin: :

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If didn't exist, I would feel so powerless, hopeless & nihilistic about the future.

Nearly everything but Bitcoin is captured by charlatans & liars.

Going all in on Bitcoin is a productive protest against the corruption in the system.

Bitcoin really is hope.

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has no competitor as a programmable and censorship-resistant money

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The bitcoin whitepaper is shorter than a bank account’s sign-up terms and conditions documents

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The letter that prompted the upcoming Congressional hearing on mining and the environment is riddled with inaccuracies.

The Bitcoin Policy Institute is sending this rebuttal to Congress to set the record straight.

Misinformation being debate and anyone that disagrees, right? It's for your own good, right?

BIDEN: "I make a special appeal to social media companies and media outlets — please deal with the misinformation and disinformation that's on your shows. It has to stop."

"The International Federation of Journalists, representing 600,000 journalists worldwide, calls for Julian Assange's immediate release"

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Recently learnt that the no. of being mined per block (Bitcoin block subsidy) is = % of total Bitcoin supply being mined during that specific halving. I couldn't find a diagram that explained this notion clearly so I made this. Hope that you guys find this useful 🙏

Interesting thread from Nayib Bukele to Mr. Hanke regarding volcanic energy production:

"... did you even know that the FBI found Epstein’s cache of sex tapes labeled '(name of underage girl) + (name of VIP)' — and then lost them?"
Ann Coulter's article:

Bitcoin's now at about the same price it was exactly 1 year ago.

HODL, mofos and BTFD. My dry powder is running low...

Yet another reason they want everyone jabbed is they don't want a control group.

Dr Andreas Noack, a German doctor who posted videos showing graphene in vaccines, was arrested in the middle of a livestream by Austrian police. He has since died.


(this is not the guy in the video I keep linking to. but he is saying the exact same thing)

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