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Musk, Gates, Buffet and Munger, among others, need to start taking this approach when asked their thoughts on Bitcoin.

It's transparent to anyone with anything more than cursory knowledge of Bitcoin that they don't know enough to opine so their feigned knowledge is only fooling the uninformed while letting the informed know what kind of people they are. Bullshitters.


I was thinking of this Sasquatch Music Festival metaphor too...

With recent activity in El Salvador we are now firmly in "unstoppable" territory.

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This guy is amazing.

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I sent a drone to film one of the new wells...

Nice rainbow 🙂

Bitcoin mining with the power of volcanos!

:bitcoin: 🌋 ♻️ 🇸🇻

1 follower Michele Owen for the win. I wish I was still on twitter so I could be her 2nd follower:

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It’s funny how no other financial market or institution has to justify the energy they use!

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I’ve just instructed the president of
@LaGeoSV (our state-owned geothermal electric company), to put up a plan to offer facilities for :bitcoin: mining with very cheap, 100% clean, 100% renewable, 0 emissions energy from our volcanos 🌋

What a time to be alive. While @JackMallers just pushed humanity forward by assisting the first country to make Bitcoin :bitcoin: legal tender, lettuce hands is now selling "crypto" swim trunks.

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Can we stop with the ignorance that fees make it useless or that Lightning isn’t ready yet. This is 15 yr old girl paying mobile fruit truck in during Covid Lockdown over a year ago. If it works in those conditions it works period

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well el salvador isn’t a real country

ok it’s a country but it’s too small to matter

ok it matters but legal tender doesn’t mean anything

ok it means something but they won’t pass the law

the law just passed. bitcoin is legal tender in el salvador. have fun staying poor

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Read it and weep (for joy). - Straight forward and simple. 2 pages and no fine print

Yet another interpretation. Still not clear what actually happened.

At this point IMO it reeks of a staged event:

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Adam Back chimes in on it. According to him they used a rented server which then got seized.

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Anyone have any hot takes on this supposed recovery of the pipeline ransom Bitcoin? Was the whole thing a psyop to make people think Bitcoin can somehow be recovered, or were the pipeline hackers stupid enough to use an exchange hosted Bitcoin address?

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