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Name a single time in history when the group fighting to censor speech and ban books were the good guys.

Bitcoin is noise canceling headphones.
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Bitcoin is the only technology that allows you to convert Janet Mnuchin, Christine Powell, Jay Lagarde, Mario Yellen, and Steve Draghi into noises inconsequential to your life.

The fiat standard is based on political connections and privileged access.

The standard is based on internet connections and fair access.

SpaceX did manage to land their Starship SN10 after a 10 km altitude test flight.

We'll never see the US National debt below $28 trillion again.

Someone should also ask Lawrence Lewitinn why in the close of his article he compares his napkin math cost/Bitcoin via investing in MSTR ($88,000) to the price of Bitcoin back in August ("more than triple").

What an odd comparison. Investors today don't have the option to go back in time. It's much more appropriate to compare it today's price, which is arguably just a few daily moves away.

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What's up with Coindesk? Check out the video at the link and the questions and how they are asked. I have nothing against journalism but choice and tone of the questions are odd.


We're starting to see the signs of his eventual capitulation. That or he's finally gone completely insane.


The world's reaction to COVID-19 is a perfect illustration of the tragedy of democracy.

Yo @PeterSchiff, your “hardware” Miners is going Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Bitcoin will fix the world.

The dupes and dupers will be relegated to the bottom of the meritocratic and reputational stack and the prescient will sit on top.

I love Bitcoin. I’m not co-opting it for fiat gains in a charlatan scheme to shill shitcoins on my macro news network.

How dare you question my business and integrity? Is it not libertarian to keep your mouth shut when I have scammers on my show shilling to newbs?

You guys should pay your taxes and report your Bitcoin. I don’t live on a tax haven island where I avoid the very same taxes I’m encouraging you to pay.

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