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If facebook rolled out bitcoin support in combination with whatsapp they could easily become the largest wallet provider in the space.

I would absolutely hate that, but they could easily pull it off.

Chain analysis / transaction tracking is a natural fit for them too...

That said they'll probably end up releasing a facebook token and ignore bitcoin altogether. I'd prefer that actually.

The truth of the matter is if your country is going through an economic crisis it's probably already too late. Becomes much hard to get your hands on bitcoin when everyone is panicking. You should be prepared ahead of time, get some bitcoin, and learn how to store it properly.

Check out the perseid meteor shower this Saturday

If you need a buy signal, this is one 😂

ERDOGAN said : "If there is anyone who has dollars or gold under their pillows, they should go exchange it for liras at our banks

If you want to create your own instance, this guide by @[email protected] is the best I've found.

Just a reminder, you can interact and follow people across instances. You can export the list of people you follow to a new account but no past toots or followers carry over.

I'll probably stick with this instance for now, will play it by ear. The important thing is we always have the option to spin up a new instance if necessary.

Shout out to @nvk for takin the time to set this up in like an hour.
I am "Gordan" I am a double agent for and I work for the largest FinTech Software Provider for Higher Education.
I am trying to encourage my company to integrate as a payment method for our clients. I am currently reading The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and I am trying to learn python. Looking forward to interacting with you all.

More an more people will see popular active members of making the swap to this instance and soon follow. Its a when not an if.

1. Mastodon supports 2FA, so you should go enable that in settings.

2. Use a vpn or tor if you don't want @nvk to know your ip address(es)

I feel like CT thinks this is a temporary temper tantrum and we will all crawl back to CT. The truth is ,a majority of us used CT as another outlet for a hobby. Twitter is great for multiple sources for multiple hobbies you may have. However I really enjoy the Mastodon because this instance IS the community. I believe our feeds will be filled with constructive content focused on BUILDING and not lambos.

I am digging the notification alerts that appear in the corner of the screen. Once the sound is muted of course.

I found Mastodon about 6 months ago and it was a ghost town. Seeing the bitcoin community move here in force has been absolutely fantastic to see.

For the first time in awhile I'm actually considering selling my $twtr bags. If Jack isn't careful he's going to have a major problem on his hands.

Like Mastodon but prefer Twitter's UI/UX? Well I have good news for you: There's an alternative web client called Halcyon that looks / acts just like Twitter. Their terms are really short and acceptable (don't trust me, read it).

They also take Bitcoin donations, so they're down with us.

I personally prefer the multi-column layout, but I figured this would be useful to peeps.

No "promoted" tweets from shitcoin traders here on mastodon, hooray 🙌

It appears the community were not the only ones to follow us! Hello @irs 😂

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