I would really appreciate if the hacker in Montevideo would leave my client's website. Or at the very least bother someone else's website.

They key to getting your team to drop everything they're doing to help you when you need it? Buying them Kolaches when everything is working fine.

I lost my copy of animal farm and I am so sad.

Client: Do you guys integrate with Caspio.

Me: No

Client: Well how do we make that happen?

Me: 😅

The 7x bump in hash rate since last year doesn't get enough attention. Look at that chart. Insane.

I noticed my friends get mad when I question their investment choices. If you don't like my response to why I have reservations about a project, then don't ask me. I am a human, not an echo chamber.

I wish more of my friends were into and discussing foundational tech. 😩

@fed It a shame, he modern day conman will never be as creative as Victor Lustig. "The Flippening" always reminded me of "Rumanian Box"

@fed so is his plan to patent this for money? Because sure as shit no one will use it.

I am surprised by the amount of our clients that DON"T understand if a "hacker" uses stolen credit card information, the Merchant is not liable. You're dumb and let your card be used for 3 days despite knowing it was stolen because YOU didn't want to take responsibility of calling your bank.

@Shekelcoin That was my understanding. It was a new avenue for investors that are unable to get exposure prior due to international limitations.

“Everyone that’s investing in dollars can now get exposure to these products, whereas before, they were only available in euros or Swedish krona,” said Ryan Radloff,"


Honestly at this point, all you can do is laugh at this bear market. It has gotten to the point where the one thing that you should have learned is that no one knows A) Where Bitcoin is going price wise and B) It doesn't matter. The Community will keep working on it regardless of what price is.

Dominance: 55.40%, it is like most MLB stats, pointless but god damn is it sexy.

@Kurt Bcash is literally the The "Rumanian Box" scam and Jihan knows it.

@Kurt Jihan for sure, he will come out on top. Roger Ver will get burned very hard.

So who do you think is going to dump their btrash holdings, first? Roger or Jihan?

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