Been browsing the threads on the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute...

Made me wonder: if someone had a software invention on the level of bitcoin in the year 2021, where would they announce it?

Seems like you'd want a place with a high signal to noise ratio. Want to generate high quality criticism, yes?

Also, once you solve DNS you still have a problem with IP addresses being centralized, yes?

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How do you solve DNS without shitcoinery?

I don't know why, but I really enjoy reading nocoiner / precoiner HN comments on Bitcoin. A special blend of ignorance and confidence. It's a very similar to any discussion on HN, but because I know more about Bitcoin than most topics I understand the shape of the bullshit more easily.

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I've placed a $500 bounty for a Mastodon app to be made available in the Umbrel app store.

We need more diversified instances.

does jack have a nym on

Wrote this last year, feels very true this year. Only regret is not really acting on it until now:

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Next up for me is to move my DCA off Cash App. I'm thinking Swan?

I'm thinking right now that building a more robust speech network with

better tools
self-owned algos
more content types
and other ActivityPub advantages that have yet to emerge

has a bigger upside than me arguing with normies on twitter.

It feels like by just showing up over here (if at least some of us stick around) we're already over the hump.

I've never taken Mastodon very seriously. I always believed a more decentralized protocol would be the ideal -- "federated" reminds me of email, which reminds me of gmail.

But Mastodon:
1. Was built
2. Works
3. Is ready when it's needed

Meanwhile my vague hunches about an alternative fail on all three metrics.

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