I listened to a clubhouse debate about real estate and it seems obvious to me that real estate goes toward zero because you can make more and repurpose existing uses. But tangible collectibles have a fixed supply... so the q becomes how much of the interest in them is monetary premium vs other reasons yeah? People collected rare stuff during the gold standard I assume?

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what will the purchasing power of charizard cards be post-hyperbitcoinization

streaming some bitcoindevkit rust bitcoin stuff twitch.tv/futurepaul

Not sure if this $100 bounty from @giszmo is still live but a machine-readable version of walletsrecovery would be super helpful: github.com/nvk/wallets-recover

Could help build tools similar to electrum's bip39 recovery: github.com/spesmilo/electrum/b

There are two main pieces of work:
1. making walletsrecovery.org a jekyll site that builds from yaml or json files
2. converting all the existing info into yaml or json files

streaming a bitcoin thing to generate a bunch of addresses from an xpub using Rust / BDK twitch.tv/futurepaul

switched my auto-stack to swan at $30k... took until $40k for the first ACH to clear

you're all welcome

playing around with a GUI wallet in Rust using BDK (Bitcoin Dev Kit) twitch.tv/futurepaul

if WSB has enough capital to beat up on the Cantillionaires it seems to me like the Fed isn't doing enough brrrrrrr

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Regulators and bureaucrats are literally in panic mode just because people can write numbers on a ledger without asking permission

we have "bitcoin core devs" that obviously don't want to deal with legal bullshit. could we have "bitcoin core lawyers" that absolutely do want to?

Been browsing the threads on the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute...

Made me wonder: if someone had a software invention on the level of bitcoin in the year 2021, where would they announce it?

Seems like you'd want a place with a high signal to noise ratio. Want to generate high quality criticism, yes?

Also, once you solve DNS you still have a problem with IP addresses being centralized, yes?

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How do you solve DNS without shitcoinery?

I don't know why, but I really enjoy reading nocoiner / precoiner HN comments on Bitcoin. A special blend of ignorance and confidence. It's a very similar to any discussion on HN, but because I know more about Bitcoin than most topics I understand the shape of the bullshit more easily. hackerdaily.io/25814995/commen

does jack have a nym on bitcoinhackers.org

Wrote this last year, feels very true this year. Only regret is not really acting on it until now: pauljmiller.com/posts/speech.h

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