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Bitcoin :bitcoin: is a bubble.

Sort of like DNA is a bubble.

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Banning is seriously one of the dumbest things a government can possibly try to do

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Amazing so many people are completely ignoring what’s happening with Lightning and gaming

The Conclusion Of The Long-Term Debt Cycle And The Rise Of Bitcoin.

"Despite neverending streams of denouncement from “economic experts” and “monetary authorities,” bitcoin continues to exponentially increase in value."

Written by @btcization.

The only way pension funds will be able to provide for their pensioners is if they buy .

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I have never been as bullish on anything as I am on .

This is something so special, so unstoppable, so inevitable that it is affecting my entire financial outlook.

It’s simply a phenomenal financial revolution and I am so blessed that my life led to a front row seat.


For those who weren't around in 2017, when @NicolasDorier took on BitPay, and won -- with @BTCPayServer being the result.

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Replying to BitPay

This is lies, my trust in you is broken, I will make you obsolete


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There is a huge effort underway to discourage bitcoiners from using bitcoin privately, specifically discourage use of CoinJoin software.

This is a coordinated effort which involves many large exchanges, analytics companies and no doubt sell out bitcoiners.


CoinJoin Flagging


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Remember 2017, where everything was going to be put “on the blockchain”

Turns out...4 years later...bitcoin is the only thing that needs to be on the blockchain

Bitcoin payment terms state that Tesla is BTC only and calls out forks.

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We are getting ready to experience a massive supply shock:

-14,824 BTC in the last 24 hours
-19,790 BTC in the last week
-71,183 BTC in the last 30 days

What happens to price when there's no supply left and massive waves of capital inflows?

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Who is selling BTC one week before Morgan Stanley finally offers it to their $5 trillion of capital that’s been demanding access to

“Why Bitcoin’s Energy Use is Not Environmentally Harmful” an excellent 3 minute read debunking energy FUD

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Got an e-mail from BitMEX about old deposit transaction (last summer) that "may be connected with activity that is against 1.1(a) of the HDR Terms of Service.", it was JoinMarket coinjoin.

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