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💥BREAKING: Russia will treat as a currency! 😱

Flight from God produces in worldly man a desire to build on earth the paradise which he has rejected in heaven.

Universal debauchery, together with the most abundant material progress which engendered it, will be the sign of the end of the age and the approaching terrible judgment of Christ.

I love people
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Citizens gather for an outdoor feast in Turin in protest against Italy’s draconian vaccine pass regime.


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1st Episode of Season 3 of Black Mirror titled: Nosedive (About Social Credit)

Susan the Semi Truck Driver had the lowest score

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NEW - Mexico's third richest man: We're going to allow our customers to pay through Lightning. ⚡️

if @gofundme blocks the canadian truckers money it will be the most influential bitcoin advertisement since wikileaks

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Satoshi Nakamoto should be awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics, Physics, and Peace.

🌻 Indian medicinal plants
Bahadurganj, India, Sudhindra Nath Basu, Pâninî office; [etc., etc.]1918.

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