18.4m STX have been locked to earn stacking rewards during cycle #36.
For #35, you can still choose to receive xBTC via pool.friedger.de/members

Reward distribution for cycle #34 is in progress...stay tuned. 1,16925205 BTC received = 1,16691354 xBTC for distribution. 1st part was exchanged at 1777 sats/stx explorer.alexlab.co/txid/0xf04 2nd part is in transit. All distribution happening soon.

18m STX have been locked for cycle #34 including Boomboxes #11 that will earn rewards in BTC celebrating Pizza Day. Rewards for all other users are distributed in xBTC or STX as usual.

220k STX have been locked in Boombox #11 to earn stacking rewards in BTC.

Crash Punks Team organizes a one-day, virtual conference focused on the latest in GameFi, building a Metaverse secured by Bitcoin, and more. Join Neal Stephenson, Author of Snow Crash and coiner of the term Metaverse.

If your stx tokens are unlocked now, you can adjust your delegation for Friedger Pool during the next two days. We will then start locking for cycle #34: stacking.club/cycles/34

18.3m STX have been locked to earn stacking rewards in xBTC if you want. You still have a day or so to join cycle #33.

Something is wrong with dappradar.com. Why can a decentralized smart contract, a public protocol only be "owned" by one UI?

The best way to improve the Pool Registry and UI/UX for stacking with any pool is via a grant grants.stacks.org. Pool Registry is open sourced at github.com/friedger/stacks-poo

For delegated stacking,
pool.xverse.app is a UX improvement over stacks-pool-registry.pages.dev However, users don't have the choice on pool.xverse.app who they want to trust.

Looking at improving stacking on , the best is to implement version 2.1 of stacks with adjustable amounts (see stack-increase github.com/stacks-network/stac). Currently, only custodian stacking pools like akadiko can solve the compound interest problem for stacking.

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