What was thus important? Caesars declaration/decree, or that the Gospel focuses in on (like a laser) the search for immutable truth which was hidden from the point of view of the Roman Empire?

Here we are yet again, the dying Roman Empire in full view decreeing all the world should be taxed, unable to see immutable truth...

History rhymes


"And it came to pass in those days that there went out a decree by Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed, and Joseph went up from Galilee into Judea, into the City of David which is called Bethlehem, and so it was that whilst they were there Mary brought forth her first born son and wrapped in clothes and laid him in a manger because there was no room for them at the inn."

An odd appearance for the dying and resurrected God to be making?

Irony loves humour...

Biden will now collapse America whilst saying nice things, but Trump built America whilst saying mean things.

The geopolitical shockwaves reverberating from American decline will be felt globally for a long time as power vacuums are jostled for and filled as it was post ancient Rome.

The dying Roman Empire now has but two strategic choices remaining, either...

1. Take on the combined strategic might of China, NK, Russia, Iran & Turkey.
2. Turn inwards, fight a civil war and/or secede from one another, which is the logical entropic conclusion of a civilisation experiencing temperamental decay that every empire on the planet has cycled through.

We're not convinced that American troops could defeat at/near 'peer' armies any more.

Bitcoin exists because America is dying.

The senile corrupted perverted joker hasn't even started and here we go, "forever wars" once again ramping up. Obvious target was always going to be Syria again and again and again.


Just 2,000 turned up for Biden Harris Inauguration with 25,000 military that Biden and his Davos friends just banished to underground carparks after no more use. This is the kind of stuff we witness in lawless, failed banana republics and is bullish for Bitcoin.

Roman Empire 2.0 entering its final stages, probably not far off 476 AD

We love the truth, it's so f*cking brutal for those with fragile emotions.

It's inhospitable and ruthless.

As Cerno warns "An incoming administration is purging members of the military for having insufficient loyalty to a political office holder, but tell me more about coups."

What it really means is this...

The great purge has just begun, thus quality of Disuniting States armed forces will eventually represent the incompetent degenerate world that Biden's Marxist clan represents.

The sun now sets on the modern equivalent of the once mighty & powerful Roman Empire > Return of Kings.

Events will increasingly drive you to us with time. We're confident of it.

America. Do you have a "bad feeling" about the next 24hrs?

If you do, we'd like to guide your feelings accordingly...

Imagine a moment you'd have said as such as a Roman citizen during the decline of the Roman Empire which actually began centuries before Rome collapsed into Empire from a Republic? (yes, you read correctly, not transitioned but collapsed)

You thus should stretch out your 'bad feeling' a lot longer & maintain it, because it's that scale of civilisational collapse in motion.


Those ancient values are far from dead, but have been stifled in modern culture. Aragorn as King to return is like a secular form of Messianism, an expected King of the glorious past who'll come back to us.

We're familiar with its Jewish biblical form, but there's an analogous form in the idea that King Arthur is not dead but merely sleeping and will come back, which is there in some strands of mythical thinking in its literature.

Tolkien tapped all that...



For those who understand the sheer breadth and depth of J.R.R. Tolkien's epic LOTR saga, we found this classic study via YT of the legendary 'Maker of Middle Earth.'

Tolkien wasn't one for allegories, however it was absolutely inevitable this epic fantasy world would become as such. He cared deeply about all the values which are forever enshrined in it, old fashioned values of epic poetry and chivalry which people connect with the middle ages. He cared deeply for all these things.

You have to ask yourself, why do liberals/cultural Marxists need 25,000 troops if they have such a great relationship with the people? There will be no more empire this time around as the war comes home upon them. This is sweet poetic justice in the Disuniting States.

Until 400 AD, Roman Britain, the province of Britannia, was an integral, flourishing part of the Western Roman Empire, occasionally disturbed by internal rebellions or barbarian attacks, which were subdued or repelled by large contingent of imperial troops stationed in the province.

By 410 however, imperial forces had been withdrawn to deal with crises in other parts of the empire & Romano-Britons were left to fend for themselves in what's called post-Roman or "sub-Roman" period of 5thC.

You're going to observe lots of whining, moaning, denial & complaining as the secular liberal world aka the "modern" West collapses, paralleling the dying Roman Empire. Do not be blindsided nor shocked by events as they begin to unfold.

What else did you expect from an exhausted civilisation, flying unicorns blowing rainbow farts?

Expect to see the rise of superpowers like China & Russia along with regional powers Iran & Turkey pushing outwards from their borders.

Just keep buying Bitcoin.

Can you tell the difference between what you want to happen versus what will actually happen?

It's incredibly hard and painful to do if you don't understand human nature's impact in societies right down to your DNA, how it impacts civilisations.

The world around you will look almost incomprehensible as events unfold.

Men should grow beards, become Bitcoin "Benedictine Maxis" in preparation for Dark Age 2.0 that approaches.

Western Roman Empire finally ended circa 476 AD, 1,545 years ago when the Visigoths sacked Rome. Or should we say "walked" in ransacked the city.

It took approx 60 generations from that point to cycle through to the modern West today. Each generation is approx 25 years. We live through approx 3-4 generational cycles bringing with it phase-changes of temperament leading to change.

What's fascinating is that the very same neoliberals & cultural Marxists that created Donald J. Trump, are now preparing to hit the accelerator to oblivion with untrammelled power.

As a result, we could see their neoliberal policies fueling the rise of an even smarter, more stable Trump.

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