@fluffypony Some place where yoú're not Unverified? Welcome down to earth, pony man. :P

@fluffypony a censored carrier of a veritable shitstorm. Toot instead..

@fluffypony It a place where you can lose your private keys 😉

@imjmiles @fluffypony We all knnow Excellion needs to buy more sock puppets. This is the best place to hire ;)

@fluffypony a platform to shitpost and win FREE E T H E R E U M from binance

@fluffypony Once you go fluffy elephant you will never turn back :)


please -
'the bird site"
is the proper nomenclature here in the Tusk of Bitcoin.

@fluffypony something that makes high-pitched bird noises, not interesting for ponies

@fluffypony A tremendous amount of useless chatter like all HS students across the globe having access to the same PA system at the same time and no filter.

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