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My current substitution list:
Searching: Google -> DuckDuckGo
Mail: Google ->
Messaging: Twitter -> Mastodon
Office suite: Google Docs -> OpenOffice/LibreOffice
OS: Windows -> Ubuntu
File hosting: Google Drive/Dropbox -> Nextcloud
Password management: LastPass -> KeePass
Note taking: Evernote -> Joplin
To be done:
Connections: Facebook -> WordPress blog

Greg Hunter interviews Gerald Celente this weekend. Celente expects the fiat Ponzi scheme to collapse soon.

That feeling when, after having climbed to around #200 at Bitnodes, the telecom company switches your IP address and you fall back to around #9000.

Multiple Online Banking Systems Go Down In The UK
"Over the last two days, dozens of millions of UK bank customers have been locked out of their online accounts at different banks."

Draghi Warns Of "Vigorous" Inflation Pick-Up

If we didn't have Bitcoin we would have to invent it.

CABRA - Comprehensive Academic Bitcoin Research Archive. Compiled by Christian Decker.

Deist and Ammous: this is among the best Bitcoin-related interviews I have seen, highly recommended. president Jeff Deist talks with Saifedean Ammous, author of "The Bitcoin Standard". Apologies if the link has been posted before, it's definitely worth repeating.

Greg Hunter interview with Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter - The World Is Venezuela. For the Sinclair and Holter generation the reset will be in terms of gold but Bitcoin will be in a similar role.

Bitcoin full nodes per million citizens, derived from Bitnodes
Singapore: 38
Netherlands: 27
Germany: 21
France: 10
Canada: 9
USA: 7
UK: 5
Russia: 2
China: 0.5

Toot ergo sum - I toot therefore I am.

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