I've just finished listening to a podcast of Michael Saylor with Saifedean Ammous recorded on February 16, 2021. Highly recommended!

Michael Saylor on The Fiat Standard | The Bitcoin Standard Podcast
YouTube clip (audio only):

@flexbit Highly suggest this podcast as well. Saylor has been on fire lately but this one covered a little more ground that his usual talking points.

@flexbit I didn't really enjoy. Lots of bullish bullshitting by Saylor, but that seems to be his new persona now.

I don't say I'm not super bullish myself, but he's just overdoing it. To the point that it annoys me. I prefer to listen to content that teaches me something instead.

@stevenroose A valid take. Let's see to what extent institutionals will stick to their positions in the next bear market. -85% after the Dec. '17 top was gut-wrenching.

@flexbit I see a lot of support though. And those big institutions (1) have mostly a very small % invested so won't need to sell quickly and (2) probably have lengthy procedures to change positions so probably can't even sell before the bottom is reached 😅

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