I love BTC! With BTC, I can have a private trust, with no taxpayer ID, get an account at a domain registrar who accepts BTC, under the trust name, using a POB, no kyc/aml, no c/c, no bank, my name nowhere in site, private registration.

If they want to know who the site belongs to, they have to force the registrar to give up the info, then they only get a private trust which is not on any registry, and a POB. The USG may be able to get the POB info, but private peeps cannot. They would have to stake out the post office and wait for me to check the mail like on Burn Notice 😜

Also, my 14 yo daughter can get an account on an art website and sell her art without a bank account, also in the name of a private trust, and I don't have to get involved with a joint bank account.

@flexbit ty, many, many late nights, have I mentioned that I am obsessive compulsive? 😋


@KingWm Best way to get ahead. This focus will carry you through the BTC bear market.

@flexbit many talk about how you should be budling during the bear. Well, I am not programming, but I am certainly putting all those peeps' work to good use.

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