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Lightning Network demo
I have recently set up a Lightning Network node via Umbrel. One of the applications: compensating my kids for household chores. Here's a demo featuring the Breez wallet on the left creating an invoice and the Zap wallet on the right paying it. Zap is connected to LND via Tor.

Umbrel, @getumbrel
Breez wallet, @breez_tech
Zap wallet, @ln_zap

COVID crimes
Dr. Richard M. Fleming
June 11, 2022

"This deposition is for use by Attorney Generals for indictment of those responsible for the Gain-of-Function pandemic.

This deposition was given under Oath and for use by any Grand Jury and investigation."

Major advantage of Mastodon vs. the bird side: it's much faster to get to the end of the timeline.

Bitcoin documentary: "Human B"

It describes the personal stories of several bitcoiners.
Parts of the clip are with German audio but English subtitles are available.
Web site:

Sorry if somebody has mentioned it before. I don't recall a post, that's why I am writing this one.

"The time is now" (2021)
Documentary on what happened around COVID-19, by Dr. Ben Tapper

A German pathology professor, Prof. Arne Burkhardt, provides evidence for death after vaccination. Autopsies were performed for 15 patients. The results were presented on Dec. 10, 2021 for the symposium of the Doctors for Covid Ethics. Most prominent findings: myocarditis, alveolitis and generally "lymphocytic amok" in various organs.

Video on Rumble:
More on the symposium:

COVID-19 "investigational vaccines": here's the best medical statement I have seen so far, by Dr. Ryan Cole, August 11, 2021

SARS-CoV-2 is a bioweapon funded by the US NIH
Dr. Richard Fleming, "Event 2021" in Dallas, Texas on June 5, 2021. >4 h video.
PDF file of the presentation with references to many scientific publications and numerous grants:

Stew Peters interviews Dr. David Martin
July 19, 2021
Dr. Martin has gathered patent information on the SARS virus going back to the 1990ies. SARS-CoV-2 isn't new, it is a result of gain-of-function research and a tool to get the mass vaccination going.

Preliminary injunction against vaccines
Filed July 19, 2021
P. 41: "Whistleblower Testimony: 45,000 Deaths Caused by the Vaccines"

Gerald Celente, publisher of “The Trends Journal”, is always good for a rage rant. Interview with Greg Hunter.
Vax Wars are Global
July 17, 2021

Dr. Michael Yeadon – Full Interview, July 3, 2021
Direct link to page with video:

(Inspired by a RT of @smartbrain I looked up the full version.)

Fake Invisible Catastrophes with Patrick Moore
Podcast by Saifedean Ammous. He talks to Greenpeace co-founder and “drop out” Dr Patrick Moore about the misperceptions and hysteria surrounding climate change.
July 1, 2021

I rarely listen to podcasts but I have enjoyed this one a lot. I am glad that Saifedean and Patrick have come together for it. Full transcript on the linked page.

Bitcoin 2021: Ron Paul: We Need Monetary Freedom
For me he is the political grandfather of Bitcoin.
I really like how @bitcoinmagazine offers all the Bitcoin conference events in separate clips.

@stephanlivera note of the Spaces discussion with the President of El Salvador: 3 BTC for permanent residency.

"Shot Heard Around The World" - El Salvador President Pushes Bill To Adopt Bitcoin As Legal Tender
Zero Hedge, June 6, 2021

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