trolling the Federal Reserve 😂 It's coming - :bitcoin: as reserve asset.

Marc Friedrich interviews Luke Gromen about the end game for the US dollar system. Good overview starting with Bretton Woods up to thoughts about the role of :bitcoin: in the transition to a new monetary system.
(English with German subtitles)

Jan. 17, 2021

Some consider the 140-day moving average as an orientation for support during a Bitcoin bull market. It has crossed $20K, the all-time high of 2017.

Bitcoin Mining in Russia
Featured on Bloomberg - Jan 14, 2021

The USA has Nouriel Rubini as its special :Bitcoin: friend. The German equivalent is Peter Bofinger.
"Digital play money" - yeah.

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echo "Alexa, what is 99 factorial?" | { espeak || say; } # Alexa loses her "breath" trying to read out this very large number. Try 100! 160! and 172!

All of the World’s Money and Markets in One Visualization
By Jeff Desjardins, May 27, 2020

Room to grow for Bitcoin.

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Since apparently @[email protected] intends to abandon the old Core PPA (or already has?), I've created a new one here for people who still prefer this method of builds/packaging:

Recommended Sunday reading:
Ben Kaufman, Oct 5, 2019
The Monetary Case for Bitcoin

Finally I am a first-class Bitcoin citizen. The setup is inspired by the Hodl Guide:
Key ingredients:
- Bitcoin Core
- Wasabi Wallet
- Electrum Personal Server
- Electrum Bitcoin Wallet
- Tails
- Hardware wallets for a multi-signature setup.
A similar commercial alternative would be the 3-of-5 setup of Casa Hodl Platinum but it would cost $1800/year.

Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, flirts with the idea of a virtual currency as a substitute for the USD:

"As a consequence, it is an open question whether such a new Synthetic Hegemonic Currency (SHC) would be best provided by the public sector, perhaps through a network of central bank digital currencies. Even if the initial variants of the idea prove wanting, the concept is intriguing."

Bitcoin fixes this.

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Pinch me. And please excuse my first reference of the bird site. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey takes part in the Lightning Torch game and passes it on to Starkness.
Jack on why Bitcoin:

On Dec. 2 I talked about it, now it's reality: tooting on a D8 workstation.
Vikings sells hardware certified by the
Its operating system Linux is similar to Ubuntu.
This distribution is among the few endorsed by the FSF.

A big "thank you" to everybody who is contributing to such a product and similar ones helping to secure freedom.

A first test of my new Bitwala "blockchain banking" account has been successful. It is a EUR bank account in combination with a Bitcoin wallet. Funds can be exchanged between BTC and EUR. Spending is possible via SEPA transfers or a Mastercard debit card. Yes, another 3rd party but one more tool while waiting for hyperbitcoinization. Three grocery spendings were shown quickly online, on a Saturday. With a traditional bank it takes two days longer.

My BTC full node journey: I started with a Raspberry Pi in autumn 2017 during the fork wars. I became impatient during the sync (1 month) and assembled an i3 NUC, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD. Sync time: 4 days. At the end of 2018 I wanted to explore virtualization. I tried a Xeon with a HDD and VMware ESXi. The free ESXi version only allows one thread per VM. Sync: 11 days. Next attempt: an i7 NUC, now with 32 GB RAM and NVMe SSD. Sync just finished: *less than four hours*. Now that is a speed I like.

Just a rumor for now but if it comes true the BTC bear market is over.

Russia Prepares To Buy Up To $10 Billion In Bitcoin To Evade US Sanctions
Zero Hedge Mon, 01/14/2019 - 14:28

This needs to be recorded.

The Bank of International Settlements (the "Bank of Banks") is afraid of a financial meltdown.

Plus: The US Treasury "confirms ample liquidity".

Got Bitcoin?

BIS fears financial seizure at the heart of the world's clearing system
Telegraph, 16 December 2018

Dec. 23, 2018
Secretary Mnuchin convened individual calls with the CEOs of the nation's six largest banks.

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