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Just published a new article on locks, money and their role to developing large societies

"Locks made large human communities possible and money made trade scale. Bitcoin happens to be an improvement on both technologies"

It must be really annoying trying to build a "better Bitcoin", and having to rely mostly on marketing to achieve it. Altcoiners life looks stressful

Each time I receive the Bitcoin Optech Newsletter I feel like another week has passed and somehow I'm getting older

Now that phones have almost become a commodity, advance privacy features may become one of the few things people are willing to pay a premium for

After reading this I feel grateful for how Bitcoin was maintained, keeping me able to run a full archival indexed node on a cheap laptop without issues

I really like the signet proposal. I'd love to see it integrated into Core, although I'd prefer it without a default signer. For people using this feature I don't think it is a problem to specify a signet identifier parameter in the bitcoin.conf

Does anyone have any paper or document that elaborates on the fact that blockchain analysis are not to be considered reliable?

I am consulting the Italian government for a "blockchain national strategy", and I wanted to pick the occasion to highly the fact that no one should ever be incriminated on the basis of blockchain analysis

Has anyone already tried coinjoin or other mixing techniques on Liquid? With CT implemented it can become a more convenient tool to make coins fungible, or if things go terribly wrong it could break the peg, which would still be an interesting learning experience

Original 1939 German Enigma machine of the Wehrmacht. Quite impressive for its time and very fun to try

Coinbase claims to support over 100k ERC-20 tokens. Are there really that many shitty tokens out there or they are just exaggerating?

All the people advocating for a multi-chain/multi-coin future usually are not running full validating nodes, they instead just trust third parties and are ok with it

I find really stupid this whole "crypto asset" meme. What a cryto asset is even supposed to be, anything that uses cryptography to track ownership? I fail to see how this feature alone should create a new asset class as many are trying promote

Digital silver --> Better PoW --> Bitcoin's sidechain --> Privacy coin

Can't wait for the next narrative shift

Am I the only one who is still wondering what "crypto law" and "crypto legal system" are supposed to mean?

Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #28

Jan 8, 2019

This week’s newsletter announces a new maintenance release of Bitcoin Core, describes continued discussion about new signature hashes, and links to a post about possible economic barriers to LN payments crossing different currencies. Descriptions of notable code changes in popular Bitcoin infrastructure projects are also provided.

Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #27: 2018 Year-in-Review Special:

"This week’s newsletter is a special year-end edition summarizing notable developments in Bitcoin during all of 2018."

(I'm actually quite pleased with how well this came out.)

Does anyone ever tried to has an indexed pruned node? Not sure if possible, but for example for LN would make sense as I do not need blocks prior to 2017, but I still need the new ones to be indexed

Yesterday I was playing with the new RGB protocol to issue tokens on Bitcoin, and I felt so reckless to try it on mainnet. Later, talking with the RGB lead dev @afilini, I found out that I was the first one ever to actually issue RGB tokens on the Bitcoin mainnet, which is very cool 😎

If you wanna try it yourself, here is the GitHub repo:

Meanwhile, in summary, saying "bitcoin is fully traceable" is at least as wrong as saying "bitcoin is anonymous". /finito

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