14th by marketcap in the only marketcap ranking that matters

Value of the US dollar expressed in satoshis during 2019

Original 1939 German Enigma machine of the Wehrmacht. Quite impressive for its time and very fun to try

Coinbase claims to support over 100k ERC-20 tokens. Are there really that many shitty tokens out there or they are just exaggerating?


I find really stupid this whole "crypto asset" meme. What a cryto asset is even supposed to be, anything that uses cryptography to track ownership? I fail to see how this feature alone should create a new asset class as many are trying promote

Digital silver --> Better PoW --> Bitcoin's sidechain --> Privacy coin

Can't wait for the next narrative shift

Am I the only one who is still wondering what "crypto law" and "crypto legal system" are supposed to mean?

How to help people decide if they should invest in Bitcoin

The Paralelni Polis in Prague not only is a great place to meet like-minded people, but it's also esthetically very beautiful

First they ignore you

Then they laugh at you

Then you collapse on your own because of obvious systematic risks you chose to ignore

Thanks to the FUD dices from @nic I can finally efficiently access the MSM coverage of Bitcoin in few seconds

Finally received my ColdCard wallet, can't wait to start playing with it

Ethereum security model: all the important people can come together in a place within 15 minutes

In a bear markets "stable" coins are suffer. NuBits keeps falling away from the supposed peg. Sooner or later all the others will follow


So CSW is going to steal the "Satoshi's Vision" brand from bcash 😂

I guess that's what you should expect when you have a coin born from a purely political split

Shitcoins dominance index keeps deteriorating, maybe they should increase the block size

This Litecoin scam is getting more and more ridiculous every day

First they had the "digital silver" narrative, now they are a sidechain 😂 When will they finally admit that they are just a worthless clone of Bitcoin with no value proposition?

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