Which other asset has so many manic holders not willing to sell even after making 10x to 1000x profits?

Normal market cycles heuristics don't apply to bitcoin

My price target for bitcoin is whatever guarantees enough incentives to completely obscure the sun with orbital mining satellites

14th by marketcap in the only marketcap ranking that matters

Now every single person in the world has someone richer than him who invested in bitcoin

Regulators and bureaucrats are literally in panic mode just because people can write numbers on a ledger without asking permission

AML laws are not only privacy destroying, but also ridiculously ineffective:
"Anti-money laundering policy intervention has less than 0.1 percent impact on criminal finances, compliance costs exceed recovered criminal funds more than a hundred times over, and banks, taxpayers and ordinary citizens are penalized more than criminal enterprises."

@nvk The world isn't perfect. Having bitcoinhackers.org is still a huge improvement over Twitter. You don't need to solve every problem perfectly, first try.

Everyone will be so depressed when bitcoin will crash -25% below 100k

Mastodon is great but just don't use it for DMs, there is no end-to-end encryption and @nvk can read everything

Let's hope that at least here Mastodon we don't get invaded by discussions about American politics

Glad to see some activity over here again, hopefully this time we get some critical mass to keep this going

“No private entity can claim monetary power, which is inherent to the sovereignty of nations”

Nation states won't give up monetary monopoly without a fight. Probably big corporation are still not powerful enough to directly compete with governments, right now only Bitcoin can do it as it wisely moved the battlefield outside of bureaucrats comfort-zone


New proposal for distributed storage. No useless token or dedicated blockchain, just pay in bitcoin for a service


Despite their claims, @[email protected]'s hosted mining services are absolutely a centralisation risk, just like any other hosted mining.

If you're going to buy hosted mining anyway, pick a small-hashrate company to provide it, but don't fool yourself into thinking it's comparable to actually mining yourself.

(BetterHash only helps when you physically control the hardware.)

Value of the US dollar expressed in satoshis during 2019

Shit, I just destroyed my Cold Card wallet by forgetting the PIN. I set it up months ago, never put any money on it, now I wanted to start using it but I have no idea what PIN I used

I had no idea it was impossible to reset the device without the PIN

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