You should really be worried if you still don’t own any amount of

It is heartening to see the rise of that empowers individuals over centralized authorities.

He is explaining “What is money” to the government. @breedlove22 @WhatisMoneyShow

Can’t for the moment when 8 billion people on earth realize that taxation is theft.

One is an entrepreneur who cares about human freedom and helps build open systems to put humanity forward and the other one pumps joke crypto coins and share memes.

Gentlemen, we are building the Lightning Network to gain financial freedom that we've never had before.

Global, instant & censorship-resistant payments with ZERO fee. We live to be sovereign for our freedom, our family and our glory.

We, as plebs, live to conquer!

Governments can’t ban and they shouldn’t try either.

is a digital Gold, we all believed that gold was a great long term investment (indeed it was), now it's no longer the case.

Just replace your thinking of gold with bitcoin and its a good start in understanding bitcoin.

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And I would suggest Pakistani people to educate themselves, do not buy any crypto just because some telegram group owner gave you the signals...

Instead, only invest in . Think it as your savings account, read books like "The Bitcoin Standard" by @saifedean

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Scammers get to promote their scams in Pakistan easily because people have no idea what "crypto" is and it is marketed as a get rich quick scheme. So many people get into that trap and lose their money.

Don't blame government or exchanges when you lose money.

Just stop trading!

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Youth in Pakistan is involved in trading cryptocurrencies and trying to earn a living with it without having to understand this market.

Most of the cryptocurrencies out there are completely scams and won't be around in next 5 years.

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State Bank of Pakistan wants to ban crypto trading in Pakistan again.

First of all, I personally think that leverage trading is haram from religious point of view and should be avoided at all costs.

Buying as an asset or investment strategy is 100% halal.

7% inflation is the highest in decades, but the real inflation is way more than that.

And other governments are also looking to adopt as a legal tender currency.

I believe 2-5 more nations will adopt bitcoin by 2024 ⚡️🚀

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“Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks”

This is the message saved in ’s genises block by Satoshi Nakamoto which was broadcasted on 8th Jan, 2009.

13 years has past, and today is a legal tender currency in a country (El Salvador 🇸🇻).

Probably nothing.

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