you say $50k is expensive, wait until you see $50k daily candle up

Yesterday @sqcrypto bought $170 million worth of bitcoin.

Today @MicroStrategy bought $1.026 BILLION worth of  

The demand for bitcoin is already way up. We are lagging in building tools to onboard masses and some people still think   doesn’t solve any problem 🤔

2021 will be remember as the year when billionaires and corporations accumulated bitcoin.

Those who sold their bitcoin to them would be called as biggest fools.

Bitcoin is the only tool left to fight for your own freedom.

I am hosting the bitcoin whitepaper

Around 60% think bitcoin would be worth more than $288k by the end of this year.

"The ideal holding period for a asset is forever"

Bitcoin price in Dec 2021

@farooq I’d say it’s more likely to reach 50M in the next ten years than to reach $10 in the next 100

@farooq it’s more likely to reach any non-zero number than to go to zero.
in fact, given inflating USD supply it is guaranteed to reach any given number, assuming you wait long enough and both USD and Bitcoin still exist

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