Is there an android wallet compatible with Trezor HWW and Tor?

Half my school class holds shitcoins and not a single one holds some sats. They just buy the shit with the fanciest name. Gonna be funny when the rug gets pulled.

r/wallstreetbets with 9.8m users has now allowed talking about

Shill me a good article on why we dont need inflation. Have a salty nocoiner here who believes economy cant work without inflation.

I try my best to post on Mastodon first. Unless it's a reply to a thread, I'm posting it here. If you do the same, drop a comment and I'll follow you.
The flood of RTs isn't really doing Mastodon any favors.

Your favourite rpi node software?

Buying sats via KYC just means putting yourself and your loved ones at increased risk of phishing/blackmail/5$wrench attacks. Like 2.5 million people did.

Don't do it. Avoid KYC. Learn to coinjoin and coincontrol.
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Apparent KYC database leak from MobiKwik in India:

- Database is 8.2 TB and contains 36099759 files. Nearly 3.5 million users' full KYC details. Along with 99224559 user phone numbers, emails, hashed pa…

You can be pro gun, pro climate, pro open borders, pro bitcoin, anti fiat anti establishment anti democrats and republicans.
Easy, be a free thinker.
Break away from the group thinking mentalities everywhere around us.

Hadn’t crossed my mind that Bitcoiners could support NgU by going from USD -> BTC -> Tesla. Boss move.
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Musk more or less announced that if you buy a Tesla with BTC you add to the Bitcoin supply shock.

How would you buy your Tesla?

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