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Today's events prove the antifragility of bitcoin: if you hit it, it just becomes more resilient and harder to hit next time.

Thoughts by
@orionwl on decentralization of Bitcoin Core development and his role in it. Short, but important read in light of possible future attacks:

just a heads up: please grab your own copy of the #bitcoin whitepaper and store it carefully

there are some unsavory characters using legal threats to use its uncertain licensing status to bully sites into removing it from the internet

i will not provide any details at this time

achow101 launched a Bitcoin Core usage survey:

The survey will help us learn about who, how, and why people use Bitcoin Core so that we can improve it in the future. If you have any feedback about the software you want to leave, this is the place to do it.

More information in this blog post:

As the world continues its unwavering march toward 1984, we must equip ourselves to fight back.

The tools are there, learn to use them.

I made a new app called xSATS, a bitcoin to fiat converter.

🍉 Live currency conversion.
🍒 SAT/BTC to 27 fiat pairs.
🍕 Mobile friendly.
🥑 Simple, yet powerful.

Learn How To Install @torproject Service on Mac -Linux - Windows.

Tor will help you preserve your privacy when interacting with .

This is why I’ve dedicated myself to .

“It’s called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it “

They want to leave you no escape of their control. Central bank digital currencies are how they plan to do it.   is the only thing standing in their way.

They will fight us. Then we win.

Just in case anyone wondering. Spoke with 6102. He/she is well and yes sadly all gone from social media aside from keybase. No idea the reason, won't pry but happy to know they doing alright and thought maybe one or two others might.

Latest episode of Wake Up Pod is with @jimmysong

We hit on:

- The Moral Case for Bitcoin
- Natural Law VS Positivism
- Prudence, Temperance, Justice, Fortitude
- Why are they missing in modernity?
- Emergent, natural Law VS Fiat Authority
- Property Rights
- Centralsiation VS Decentralisation

And a bunch more.

Also on YouTube:

Learn your rights. Fuck lockdowns.
RT @OnCall4ON
Toronto Police Media Release
“No element of any order provides police with either the power to enter dwellings nor authority to stop a vehicle.. for.. checking compliance with the Stay at Home Order.. Individuals are not compelled to explain why they are out of their residence..”

This website provides real-time estimates for how many sats each living person in the world would have if the current Bitcoin supply would be equally distributed, and what the current dollar price of that amount is

Cool concept! 👏

Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 was released today and includes:
- Descriptor wallets
- Compact block filters over P2P network
- Fewer rebroadcast attempts
- Tor V3 support
- Schnorr/Taproot code

Who better than @AaronvanW to explain this in plain English? 👏

RT @_benkaufman
Your Euro is signed by a convicted criminal.

Your is signed by you.

“There has to be regulation. This has to be applied and agreed upon ... at a global level because if there is an escape that escape will be used,” Lagarde said.

Interpretation: All the worlds governments must unite to separate Bitcoin from the people.

They can not be allowed to hold their own keys.

There can not be an alternative financial system other than ours, or we will be left holding nothing.

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