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lightning node operators. I am trying to connect my LND node to thunderhub not sure what to do as it won't connect to the node when setting url/port to localhost:8080. Noob here and setup bitcoind+LND over TOR using stop&decrypts tutorial. Any pointers be appreciated. What is the default local url for connecting things to my lightening node of there is one. Thanks!

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I find it amusing that the mass media is giving all credit for rise in price to Elon 🤣😂

They have no idea "WHY" Rises in Value

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"The people doing this must be shamed into total submission, their ambassadors openly ridiculed and their national pride wounded."

cc @matt_odell @giacomozucco

"The people doing this must be shamed into total submission, their ambassadors openly ridiculed and their national pride wounded."

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If anyone is interested in self hosting their data, I wrote up an extensive piece on how I do it. I go through internet connection, hardware and software such as nextcloud, bitwarden_rs, pleroma and more.

You can read it at
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Specter wallet update. The new address tab is very cool!! Clean intuitive way to view into the wallet. By viewing and learning in this way you abstract difficulty by intuitively teaching users without compromising an important knowledge base.

Love specter. Bravo.

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 reminder: activation can't really begin until N months after software is released with the activation parameters. That N months needs to be enough time to be sure enough of the community has upgraded to it.

The quicker the community upgrades to 0.21 (or the upcoming 0.20.2 backport), the clearer it will be that a shorter timeframe can be used for activation!

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tired of being a regulators little bitch?

Time to play by fair rules... come ove to

Sorry assuming the rest of the settings for tor setup correctly etc of course

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Config setting help greatly appreciated.

I want tor only to both download but also upload the Blockchain. Will adding just this do?


Is there also a way to allow incoming transactions over clearnet but my own broadcast ones only over tor also?

Got my head in a muddle here...

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Big business works with the govt to rig the game in their favour. Central banking, nutrition, medicine, covid and more.

Bitcoin is tipping the scales back in favour of individuals, families and communities. Embrace Bitcoin.

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WIP V1 of the "Ultimate Backup Card" PDF can be downloaded here

The goal of this card is to take down as much info as possible for future proofing. We will ship them free with some of our products soon

I will add a Glossary/Docs on how to use it soon

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My new PGP fingerprint - 70A1 D47D D44F 59DF 8B22 2443 33E4 72FE 870C 7E5D

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How to use @bisq_network video series now accessible in 5 languages.


Help your friends and family get securely and privately.

Fruit is kinda good at times. Not as money though.


Fruits are not money currently. (Unless supreme apocalypse happened).

People selling fruit investment advice work for the man. The man from del monte.


I put the value of my goods/produce above the value of the fiat denominated against it. Money must represent my effort and not be inflated against the moment of production/giving said effort. If you inflate money to misrepresent my past time, I value it less as does the market.

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