We’re flying to today by helicopter! Going to take a close look at the Conchagua volcano. 🇸🇻🌋

You can see the Conchagua volcano in the distance. will be situated between where we are now, and the volcano. 🌇

The entire area is incredibly beautiful and the city will have a view of the Gulf of Fonseca. 🤩

will be situated on the left and this is the ocean view that the city will have. The big island on the right is Conchagua island. 🌇🇸🇻

Wait. What’s that coming out of the volcano? Is that… smoke? What’s that rumbling sound? 😦

OMG! The Conchagua volcano just erupted! There’s lava, ash, and smoke everywhere! 🤯

The helicopter was just hit by some molten lava. It’s on @maxkeiser. On his beautiful legs. OMG. MAX IS BEING CONSUMED BY THE LAVA.

Max is gone. His last words were “I’m being converted into . Satoshi. Is that you? I’m coming to join you in the blockchain.”

There’s smoke and hot ash everywhere. We’re losing altitude. Not sure if WAGMI.

We were too foolish and too arrogant to think we could build on an active volcano! didn’t fix this.

We’re losing altitude. Just hit by another wave of ash from the eruption. @stacyherbert was just flung from the helicopter. She’s HODLing. Literally “holding on for dear life” to the landing skids. She’s yelling something. Sounds like “this is your fault Samson.” Nah. Can’t be.

We’re still losing altitude. Think this might be the end. I just wish I could have seen the launch. @paoloardoino you just continue the work. You must go on. I also wish I could have seen the first baby dinosaur hatch. 🦖

Someone tell the President. Quickly. We have to move to a safer location. Definitely not build on an active volc

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