The first pension fund to go all in on wins.
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"If we can't meet our obligations with pension funds when the market is screaming higher, what are we going to do now? I guarantee you there are pension funds right now already in big, big, big trouble and we just haven't seen the news yet."

price is already pushed down to the limit, well below 200 WMA. We’ve had contagion from UST/3AC and leverage flushed already. BTC is massively shorted as a hedge.

Even if Credit Suisse / Deutsche Bank collapse & trigger a financial crisis, can’t see us going much lower.

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Updated: Some fun and (thread)

5yr CDS on the USA is 29bps (29k/yr to insure 10MM of debt against default)

Total federal debt for USA is $31T funded plus $170T unfunded

20yr CDS equiv is 120bps so:

$200T debt x 1.2%p/a = $2.4T premium

mkt cap of $368B


People living in western nations shouldn’t view the situation in Lebanon as a far off possibility.

TRY is down 25% against USD this year. 🇹🇷

GBP was down 21% before BoE restarted the printer. 🇬🇧

It’s just 4% off. The fiat endgame is drawing closer. Get while you can.

This is likely a technical issue but does highlight why you should buy while you can. When you really need Bitcoin, the banking rails are going to be shutdown to slow the death of fiat. It’s going to be just like Lebanon.
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JUST IN: 🇺🇸 Coinbase, $COIN users are unable to take payments or make withdrawals involving US bank accounts.

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@excellion @MBitcoiner It took me almost a decade after discovering the fiat scam to find bitcoin & take action.

3 years & multiple touches to take a good look.

A year after buying some to develop any real conviction.

The onboarding process is accelerating & the tipping point is drawing nearer.

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The fireside chat with @excellion, JAN3 CEO, & video producer @kinetic_finance at the @BtcVancity meetup in Vancouver was very informative:

- The next nation states adopting
- How Liquid enables assets on Layer 2
- How Bitcoiners can build circular BTC economies

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A fleet of ships traverse a dazzling binary star system. 🚀

What other astronomical objects would you like to see added to ?

Many people in the world already know the fiat monetary system is completely broken and that they want a return to sound money.

However, they don’t yet know is exactly what they seek.

That’s why we are here.

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No one knows what the future holds ⌛️

Neil Oliver: 'Now is the time to take back control of money – its creation, its value and its flow. By so doing, we can begin the task of regaining control of our world.'

📺 Freeview 236, Sky 515, Virgin 604
🖥 GB News on YouTube

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I'm super excited for the upcoming announcement expected at the planB forum (28/29 October) 🇨🇭🇸🇻👀

Worried about credit contagion? Buy
Banking collapse? Buy
Inflation? Buy
WW3? Buy

Buying is the ONLY thing you can do to protect yourself, and it also happens to be the BEST thing you can do.

Good time for to decouple from the legacy system.
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