“From the earliest days I built Coinbase to harness the power of cryptocurrency and create more freedom in the world.”

- Brian Armstrong

[email protected]’e beni tanıştırdığı için ve @uzmancoin’e podcast için teşekkür ederim. Tabii ki hakkında konuştuk, , sidechain, hiperenflasyon, para ve daha fazlası… Harika bir programdı ve Türkiye’de geçirdiğim zamandan gerçekten çok keyif aldım! 🌊🇹🇷

Users do have to pay for withdrawing shitcoins though. 😜

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[email protected] is doing Satoshi’s work in Turkey. To push for adoption, they never charged any fees for $BTC withdrawals. Also, they were one of the first exchanges to support @Liquid_BTC and are vets. 🌊🇹🇷

“Everyone here loves Tether.”

and stablecoins like are being used by Turks to protect themselves from rampant inflation. It’s a necessity. You can find lots of these money changer shops all around the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. 🇹🇷

Proof of Work means that even if you had the money, you couldn’t just buy hashrate dominance. You’d need hardware, infrastructure, and energy. None of the three are readily available - in fact, large scale new energy sources may take years to build out and harness.

The fiat PoS mindset seeks to shuffle problems around, trying to get easy money by doing random things.

The sound money PoW mindset contemplates how we can build or utilize energy to create long term prosperity.

There’s no substitute for work.

You can tax unrealized gains or even seize all wealth from billionaires ($4 trillion), and it still won’t help fill the fiat money printing and debt hole. They’re just trying to divert attention away from the root problem. The only solution is .

Monetary history tells us that hyperinflation cannot be prevented. But the Dark Ages that follow can be shortened if we adopt .

I thought “Internet Computer” was stupid. Then “Worldcoin” came along.

are trading on insider information that is going to infinity.

Every time we launch a new tranche of $BMN security tokens, @adam3us market buys millions of dollars worth of to make them fungible. That $BTC will be locked up in cold storage for ~3 years. You're welcome! 🌊

Random thought: Schiff’s son will have to pay for his nursing home costs with .

It’s going to get crazy once we break through the last ATH at $64,840. 🚀

Shitcoiners when asked what their shitcoin is used for.

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