"Government" is just Karens making rules for you, and sometimes a road or maybe a bridge. Every few years you pick new Karens to make more rules. It doesn't end well.

You know the government is corrupt when they try to sneak industry destroying regulation into an infrastructure bill.

Happy Day!

4 years ago made it clear that it was the users that control , not miners, not exchanges, and not developers. This is what gives Bitcoin its resilience.

August 1st is also the anniversary of @adam3us's Hashcash paper & the genesis of PoW.

Why tell people to when your headgear can do it for you? The hat is here to bring fun to everyone! This hat sports bright orange injection-moulded HFSP text with a unique angled extrusion. Get yours today! 🧒 excellion.com/product/hfsp-hat

Taxing wealth is just communism with extra steps. Just seize the means of production ready.

Already shadowy. Just needs to learn to code now. 😜

Matrix pods are perfect.

βœ… ESG compliant
βœ… Low energy consumption
βœ… Requires minimal space
βœ… Zero spread of infectious diseases
βœ… Reduces food intake (in fact 100% of biomatter is recycled)

Do you have the proper permits for that graphics card?


Well, I’m sorry but we’re going to have to deduct 1 point from your mobility passport and reduce insect protein rations by 5%.

[email protected], you should've just pressed buy instead of tweeting shit.

Thanks for the Turkish coffee cups @1971Bubble! And the great explanation of hem-dem and hem-dert! πŸ€—

Traded a @Blockstream Satellite Kit for a . How do you set this thing to Moscow time?

There are people that email Blockstream support asking us why their CashApp transactions take so long because they see our name on the block explorer.

Any one of them could talk about more intelligently than Elon Musk.

I see capitulation everywhere. probably going up now. πŸ˜‚

Nearly everyone I know is stacking right now. rewards those with conviction.

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