The only Taproot activation emails I read are the ones from Michael Folkson. Any others I just hit delete because they’re just noise.

Buying Coinbase stock is like buying a basket of shitcoins. It’s better to buy .

This week we'll be sending out 200 invites for the @InfiniteFleet Alpha. Keep an eye on your inboxes!

It feels like it’s time for a move to $70k or $80k.

Someday in the future sats may be too big and we’ll need to subdivide them into millionths to make more useable.

Wow. We now have fake @InfiniteFleet scammer accounts on Facebook.

The Earth and Moon orbiting Jupiter at a distance of 422,000 km, or about the distance Io orbits Jupiter. ✨

h/t @InfiniteFleet

You either die a privacy focused chat app, or live long enough to add a shitcoin.

@signalapp @KeybaseIO

It's mind-blowing that monkeys can play @InfiniteFleet with @neuralink! 🤯

All future Excellion hats will now have these custom clasps stamped with the logo. 🧢

.@linaseiche didn’t know you can move the cursor in iOS with the space bar. 😁

Introducing the Atrox Alveare. This Magna class ship fulfills a similar role as the USF Carrier, except it carries swarms of Sagitta fighters into battle. Maybe you'll run into it in the @InfiniteFleet Alpha later.

Starting next week we'll be increasing the number of weekly @InfiniteFleet Alpha invites to 100. 🚀

You can acquire with fiat from the comfort of your home now, or a few decades later by lining up for hours at a blood bank so you can buy a sandwich.

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