Much like FUD, Tether FUD gets clicks. It's that simple.

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This week's looks at Bakkt listing at a $2.1B valuation, Gemini and MircroBT eying IPOs, OSL raising $90M, $BTC breaking eToro's buy button & hedge fund giant Man Group likening Bitcoin to Prometheus

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Blockstream CSO @excellion on the @SwanBitcoin Signal podcast explains how the brings asset type and transaction amount confidentiality to public blockchains. 🌊🔒

One day you'll wake up, pick up your phone and see $50,000 .

There's not a lot of freedom in the land of the free these days. Buy

Did nocoiners really think wouldn't bounce back? This is the year of the Metal Bull. $100k is inevitable.

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We'll be releasing a new hot product soon 🔥

Freshly harvested tears of weak hand Newcoiners who experienced their first dip and sold. Health benefits of consuming these include becoming a stronger hodler with hands of steel.

Taking Pre-Orders Soon 😎😂

The masses will soon understand why censorship-resistant money matters.

Remember when you wished you had bought more when was pushing $42k? That’s what dips are for.

Acquisitions of game companies in 2020

$7.5B ZeniMax ➡️ Microsoft
$1.8B Peak ➡️ Zynga
$1.5B Leyou ➡️ Tencent
$530M Jagex ➡️ Macarthur Fortune
$525M Saber Interactive ➡️ THQ Nordic
$500M Machine Zone ➡️ AppLovin
$400M Storm8 ➡️ Stillfront
$375M Hutch ➡️ GamingGo
$105M ATA ➡️ DECA

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Central banks, there is nothing to fear but itself.

Is there a way to auto post things I tweet on Mastodon?

@shinohai I've been here for a while. Not sure why I didn't turn up in search.

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