“Have fun staying poor” is unproductive and toxic.

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Trump on : Rioting is bad.
Trump on : Rioting is good now.

Dems on : Rioting is good.
Dems on : Rioting is bad now.

They really don't have any principles. They just want to demonize anyone who challenges their POWER.

@blockchainman as long as you are happy with the development process and values of Ethereum developers.


@udiWertheimer @BitcoinMemeHub so basically a way to end an unproductive conversation by highlighting the bitcoin price trajectory?

@dudezoo 謝謝分享 我待會兒看看☺️

@BitcoinMemeHub can someone please explain to me what saying, tweeting or tooting this is trying to achieve? Thank you in advance.

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@k3tan @stephanlivera I'm vegan, I hope I'm still welcome on bitcoinhackers.org 😢

@MrHodl is the idea of “chaos” subjective or objective?

@z3ke_sk1 @eiaine If I own a shop/restaurant, I choose the rules for the shop/restaurant.

If I own an online centralized service, I choose the rules for the online centralized service.

Bitcoin is decentralized, no one decides anything without mass consensus.

Personally, I see nothing wrong. Just that people who want to use something decentralized will move away from Shitter.

Welcome to the free market.

This is a great read. Respect what Satoshi Nakamoto has done for the world, but no one is perfect.


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