Can some one explain the "philosophy" of the "boost" and "favourite" concepts on Mastodon? This world here is buzzy and I'm a keen learner.

@evanlinjin Honestly I haven’t figured out the difference since it appears to be the same button?

@bryancyan There are the buttons I am talking about. Left is boost, right is favourite.

@evanlinjin Ohh all this time I thought I was boosting stuff. So a boost is like a retwit and a favorite is like a like. How’d I do.

@bryancyan Did great! Was wondering if things may be "slightly different" here, if you know what I mean.

@evanlinjin Well I’m glad it’s not a complete clone and works its own way somewhat. I’d like to see more plug-in-ability, like we need lightning tips ⚡️ .

@evanlinjin Boost is like retweet on Twitter. Favorite is the same thing. :)

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