Any iOS Mastodon client recommendations?

@evanlinjin @hanakookie

Doesn’t this literally say they can take ur data and change anything when you go to log in?? That’s what we are trying to move away from..

New to this too, looking for app as well, just surprised to see that off the jump

@Gatsby @evanlinjin it warns you right from the start yes. But this is all about bitcoin. No shilling shitcoins. And no one here cares about your data.

@hanakookie @evanlinjin I came for the bitcoin.. real talk question on the data tho, I’ll keep researching then.. no shitcoins here

@evanlinjin Toot is treating me really well. Other than I keep getting rate-limited for some reason. Might just be user-error refreshing feeds too much or something, though.

@hanakookie @evanlinjin Ah!!! I was wondering what was going on. Glad to know when it’s not busy that will subside.

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