Question for Bitcoin Devs?

re: MultiSig - Is it possible that Alice in this scenario to get a portion for mediating?

Prediction: Ca$h App will become THE on ramp for Bitcoin powered marketplaces. would be ideal for said use case. Not to mention multi-sig as well.

As long as it’s a highly desirable thing peeps would go to Ca$h App to buy Bitcoin to use for purchase.

The WAR on free speech and the upcoming BOOM in adoption and importance of BITCOIN as a SOV will be inextricably linked.

Cody Wilson advocating for Bitcoin adoption to combat online censorship!

Mastadon lead dev is removing “nazi” instances.

Notice: anything labeled alt-right = nazi

Wouldn’t it be funny if Andreas got “Mastering Ethereum” into bookstores just in time to see ETH squeak back down to, like, two bucks? Unemployed solidity programmers will be burning their pre-ordered copies for warmth.

The Summer of 2018 will be remembered as the Great Cleansing. ETH is dying, the Fat Protocols thesis has been thoroughly debunked, and Bitmain has proved itself too emotional to be a mainstay in this industry.

Bitcoin bathes in the blood of its shitty competitors. It will reemerge stronger than ever when this capitulation is all said and done.

The LN is the intrinsic value of Bitcoin.

If we can grow the LN, we can put a cap on the number of bitcoins that is going to be held by financial institutions and thus fractionnally sold.

Spikes in adoption and growth in Bitcoin LN denominated trade hurts ETFs and lenders REAL BAD.

One of the greatest things about Mastodon is that posting "Ripple is a centralized shitcoin," isn't going to get you swarmed by a thousand XRP bag holders.

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