@mir_btc Governments print numbers on pieces of paper. writes timestamps on the immutable timechain (formerly known as the bitcoin blockchain). Which one will the nocoiner put his/her work on??

Elon Musk starting to describe :bitcoin: with his own words is a little like your kid finally saying mumummmummy!

@ChancellorBrink I'm suprised with myself. I thought it was going to be harder

Not sure if all of this will survive when they come for us. I don't care anymore. But, is like oxygen to be part of what will go down in human history books as the first revolution in which violence was made obsolete.Cheers! plebs

Parler is down, Gab is slow, I think the federated approach with Fediverse & Mastodon is worth a try. Join thousands of bitcoiners and let's grow an alternative to Twitter! Sign up with Bitcoinhackers.org

Phone apps available e.g. Tusky, Amaroq


@Polylunar like I always say, we decentralize money first and then everything else. Not the other way around. :bitcoin:

@eiaine If we fail at decentralizing money. Nothing meaningful will ever be decentralized. All hopes on :bitcoin:

We decentralize money first and then everything else. Not the other way around. :bitcoin:

After my self imposed exile from Twitter. I have to admit that I'm curious of how Twitter world is doing without me.😜

@Quijote si. La analogia es correcta. Cualquier entidad que no cumpla con el protocolo no puede existir o es irrelevante en el mundo fisico

Holding fiat money in a bank account = lose 10% purchasing power per year

Holding bitcoin = ~triple your purchasing power per year

Simple choice.

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