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pins are now available too. the price remains at 21K sats for the time being.

I can send them by post, ideally collect them in the twentyone groups, that saves on shipping costs

Find consensus and send me a DM.


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Heute um 19:00 spreche ich im @Stammtisch21 zusammen mit @LightRider5 und @callebtc über das Lightning Netzwerk ⚡️

Mit den Speaker sind wir schon mal 3. Kriegen wir die restlichen 134 Lightning User auch noch in den Space? 👀 @club137_21

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Es gibt Bitcoin - und es gibt Shitcoins! 🎤 🎶

Deutscher Plebrap mit @toobittofail @justanothernod3 beim @_einundzwanzig_-Sommerfest! ☀️ ⚡

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It’s important to run your own @mempool node for security, privacy, and censorship resistance. If gets censored or attacked, you won’t be affected if you self-host your own @mempool node. We support one-click installation on Umbrel, Raspiblitz, and MyNode.

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Price when released:

iPhone 4 cost 2,857
iPhone 5 cost 16.6
iPhone 6 cost 2.17
iPhone 7 cost 1.28
iPhone 8 cost 0.24
iPhone X cost 0.16
iPhone 11 cost 0.14
iPhone 12 cost 0.06
iPhone 13 cost 0.02

Embrace deflation and adopt

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We just released mempool v2.4.0 🚀
• new mining dashboard
• new blockchain graphs
• new mempool visualization
• new blocks / mining pool page
• and much more!

Coming soon to your own Raspberry Pi hardware powered by your favorite Bitcoin fullnode OS

Updated my @mempool explorer instance to version 2.4.0-beta3. (The mining dashboard version)
So many nice new features!
Thanks to all that helped! 🎉

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incentivizes renewables, blah, blah, blah...
I need ACTUAL examples 🤞. Please pr

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Good stuff. And if you're wondering how on earth you can interview someone standing next to a rack of Bitcoin miners, keep watching!

But this is also an advertorial, not journalism.

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The fed is now tracking the price of eggs in sats.

I'm not kidding

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Looking for a bookstore that accepts ? Then you've come to the right place! Choose from millions of book titles and pay with , and other .


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Thanks to a recent contribution by @mononautical, we now feature a "bitfeed style" visualization of projected mempool blocks on, which will be included as part of our upcoming mempool v2.4 release.

See it live:

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Every Spring ~150 ETHZ students build and operate their own Internet infrastructure composed of 50+ networks (ASes) and 100s of routers. Disconnected at first, their Internet "lightens up" gradually as students configure their networks to enable end-to-end connectivity. (1/5)

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Riga Bitcoin Week, September 1st - 5th

@BTCSchellingPt @Proofofsteph @knutsvanholm @dergigi @BitcoinQ_A @giacomozucco @bluewalletio @mempool @lnp_bp @eyeofsatoshi @BTCPayServer @MrKukks @Pavlenex

🔐 is a service which allows creating secret links containing . Once a link has been created and paid for, a unique url is generated which can be shared with anyone who may claim it and receive bitcoin. Example:

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So @ecb published a "Digital euro Privacy options" slideshow recently. It starts with a crash course in paying lip-service. Say the word many times, acknowledge the concerns, pretend you care.

And then give privacy the middle finger.

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Heute fand das 3. Meetup der @_einundzwanzig_
Süd Niedersachsen Gruppe statt. Ich hab heute wieder viel dazu gelernt. Dankeschön für diesen tollen Austausch.

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