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The Chivo-ATM is not a big as you think irl, but it does great things.

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Looking at the pools that mined more than 3 blocks since taproot activation or included a P2TR spend, it's clear that F2Pool and AntPool are, very likely, NOT including P2TR spends. F2Pool already mentioned that they will upgrade their infrastructure soon.

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What is this confetti this morning on @mempool
?? Oh, it's , what a nice surprise!

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GM San Salvador! Some unfiltered impressions from my first hours in land (no McDonalds receipts, promised) 👇

(Scroll to the end for the most interesting part: my Taxi driver coming up with very unique product requirements for wallets in El Salvador)

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Anoche, nuestra embajadora Florencia Vilanova recibió, en el Aeropuerto Internacional San Óscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez, a una delegación de alemanes que conocerá de primera mano las oportunidades de negocios y turísticas que ofrece El Salvador. 😎🌊🏞⛰

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If is not even medically fit to attend his own trial thru videolink, how can they discuss whether he is fit to be extradited to cruel & inhuman detention in the US, a country that fails to prosecute torturers & war criminals but persecutes whistleblowers & journalists?

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Are you ready for Taproot 🌱 activation?
Watch the activation live on 🔥

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Say hi to an M1 Pro 14" MacBook Pro running KDE Plasma 5 on Arch Linux ARM! Notch compatible!

I made NVMe work today and decided it's time to properly install a distro ;)

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I’m looking for a social media manager for my company. Must be:

⁃ fluent in English
⁃ available full-time
⁃ a Twitter pro

The job has nothing to do with my comics, I just added the image to catch your attention. Send me an intro via DM if you’re interested. 😇

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BREAKING: German retailer Mediamarkt is buying $50 million in . Expected to hodl for a full block.

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Explorer readiness for bech32m
☠️: @apirone_com, @chaindex
❌: @bitaps_com, @blockonomics_co, @Blockpathdotcom, @BitPay, @Blockstream, @oxt_btc, @TradeBlock
❎: @BlockCypher, @mempool
✅: @BitcoinExplorer, @bitFlyer, @blockchain, @btccom_official

Details in 🧵 below.

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11/9/21 video of the day (German):

Einundzwanzig - Alice meets Bob bis @_einundzwanzig_

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Ah, the joys of self-hosting your own servers…

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Ich habe noch mal schnell Taproot für euch zusammengefasst und was damit nächste Woche in Bitcoin Einzug hält. Enjoy.

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“Remember, remember, it is the 5th of November.
The Revolution and Plot,
I know of no reason why the Revolution
Should ever be forgot.”

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