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If you are running LND you should immediately update to LND 0.13.3 for a new important security update:
Mitigation of the security problems is possible by limiting interactivity with 3rd party peers however the simple fix is to build and deploy this update

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Best conference I have attended so far. I'll definitely be back, Chaos never ends.
Thanks to the organisers and volunteers, awesome experience.

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BREAKING: Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are all down in a massive outage for Facebook services. Looks like it’s a DNS problem

RT @bitstein
Safely using a 3rd party custodian requires learning how to:

* Use a password manager
* Use TOTP 2FA (not SMS!)
* Secure a computer
* Secure a phone
* Secure a email account
* Etc

And that's assuming the exchange doesn't get hacked.

It's not as simple as people claim!

RT @Coinfloor
Coinfloor customers are migrating to @CoinCorner to further British Bitcoin adoption

This means that all Coinfloor customers can continue on their journey while also having access to new features, including Lightning payments & Bitcoin cashback

RT @EricSirion
Just bought a delicious coffee using lightning paid anonymously via MiniMint, a chaumian e-cash federation 😎

RT @arcbtc
Incredible, amazing /@lnbits powered NFC payment tag developed by @_TaxMeIfYouCan_ at @Paralelni_polis 🤩 🚀💪

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@cloudatio @benthecarman @dergigi @OP_RETURN_Bot @emzy @fulmo He asked for a translation not an insult

RT @roman_zeyde
electrs v0.9.0 is now released 🎉
Many thanks to all the contributors, reviewers and testers - much appreciated!

- Index DB uses ~60% less storage
- Faster incremental sync
- Electrum RPC batching support
- And a great new logo :)

RT @Liquid_BTC
The 's first hard fork is set to occur next Monday, October 4 in preparation for Dynamic Federations. Be sure you're running Elements >= v0.18.1.11 to avoid service disruption! 🗓️🌊⛓️

RT @arcbtc
Prague, Friday 01/09 4pm @Paralelni_polis
20 spaces available, get a ticket here 💪

RT @bisq_network
Bisq 1.7.4 is now out!

Key updates:
- support for full bitcoin nodes running Tor v3 (!)
- SWIFT bank wires for immediate buy/sell of 0.50 BTC globally (!)

Full release notes:


RT @orion_kos
My virtual BlockClock. Base code free from @theBLOCKCLOCK. Data by @Coinkite. Someday to live as a touchscreen Pi build. Special thanks section in short thread. 🧵👇

RT @notgrubles
What OS do you mainly use for developing related apps?

RT @lnbig_com
Opened 5 BTC & 1 BTC channels with good nodes by my stats so the capacity of will increase soon again up to > 2900 BTC :)

RT @arcbtc
Introducing !
Completely OFFLINE <$10 LN Point-of-Sale.
Video tut coming soon, workshops at and @AdoptingBTC
Check out the repo!
(watch the @lnbits wallet in the background when the transaction is made 🤩)

RT @pierre_rochard
When @krakenfx clients want more information on their deposits and withdrawals, the TXID now links to @mempool.

Great work @softsimon_, @wiz, and @_miguelmedeiros!

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