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To help starting out with ⚡️ nodes added three different categories:
* Merchant
* Spending
* Routing
and the related basic principles to:

If finding it useful now can send some sats to this static lnurl-pay QR code at lntxbot.bigsun.xyz/@openoms

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We're partnering with @Paralelni_polis this weekend for a physical/virtual crossover at !

✅using ⚡️ privately with @openoms[email protected]

✅black market logistics with @TheRealSmuggler

✅Live Q&A

🗓Oct 3rd 4pm UTC/12am ET/9am PT

SIGN UP: recklessvr.ck.page/cryptoanarc

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We made 11 payments in a row in 2 mins and 20 secs (the max length of a Twitter video) ⚡️

Can you beat Team @CoinCorner? 👊

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