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As the official UK delegation, it was my honour and privilege to meet the wonderful El Salvadorian Ambassador for UK @ESAenReinoUnido, to discuss and @AdoptingBTC 🇸🇻🤩
Demoed @lnbits and , which I will be running workshops for at the conference💪

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Don't miss this!
"The future of is so bright, we’ll need sunglasses." - Jörg Platzer @bitcred

Founder of the legendary Room77 in , he accepted BTC in his bar in 2011. We talk about the early years of Bitcoin, privacy, freedom and much more bitcoinundco.com/en/joerg-plat

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1/ We're excited to award another Open Source Developer Grant* to prolific Bitcoin Core dev @MarcoFalke 🏆

Learn about Marco's contributions since his initial Okcoin grant & his upcoming work on our blog 👇blog.okcoin.com/2021/10/14/okc

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bug in @mempool, or is this the usual weird behavior?

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🇩🇪 🇦🇹 🇨🇭 Local Telegram Groups & Meetups are popping up everywhere the last weeks.

The main @_einundzwanzig_ community channel got too full & busy, now decentralizing into smaller units.

is spreading


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Safely using a 3rd party custodian requires learning how to:

* Use a password manager
* Use TOTP 2FA (not SMS!)
* Secure a computer
* Secure a phone
* Secure a email account
* Etc

And that's assuming the exchange doesn't get hacked.

It's not as simple as people claim!

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Coinfloor customers are migrating to @CoinCorner to further British Bitcoin adoption

This means that all Coinfloor customers can continue on their journey while also having access to new features, including Lightning payments & Bitcoin cashback


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What OS do you mainly use for developing related apps?

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Introducing !
Completely OFFLINE <$10 LN Point-of-Sale.
Video tut coming soon, workshops at and @AdoptingBTC
Check out the repo! github.com/arcbtc/LNURLPoS
(watch the @lnbits wallet in the background when the transaction is made 🤩)

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I just published Announcing the Strike API

Today, @Twitter enables free, instant, global payments for their users with their integration of the Strike API.

What the internet did for communication, + the Lightning Network is doing for money.


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The density of brainpower in amazes me every single day!

I am so proud of our community!

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Die @faznet veröffentlicht einen Artikel zu , geschrieben von zwei EZB-Leuten. Das ist in etwa so, als würde man den Hotelverband um seine Einschätzung zum disruptiven Potential von AirBNB oder Taxifahrer nach ihrer Meinung zu Uber fragen. 😂


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World’s first statue was unveiled today in Budapest, Hungary.

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Join us for the another Socratic Seminar, Berlin edition! ⚡

It'll be a hybrid format, both in person in Berlin and online if you're not in town.

Suited for all knowledge levels, we'll cover the latest technical developments in and everything.


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Any multinational company that wants to do business in El Salvador must now have support. twitter.com/AaronvanW/status/1

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We are looking for anyone experienced with or development to help contribute to an established open source project and a vital part of the ecosystem - a truly decentralized exchange network. @bisq_network

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My opening statement today at the senate committee hearing.

3 minutes long. All fire.

TLDR: , not crypto

Part 1/2

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JUST IN – Adam Back's company raises $210 million to expand mining and launch its own ASICs.

Blockstream is now valued at over $1 billion.

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