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Reminder: Electrum is a -only project. Forks of our wallet software for other coins than Bitcoin are neither distributed by us, nor endorsed by us.

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Stammtisch #32 International #1
@gladstein , @NikoJilch , @LightRider5 , @BitMoin_

One of my oldest Lightning Network channel was closed. It was open for 3 years and 226 days.
Yow will be missed @lnbig_com
Not really, we have another younger channel. ⚡️

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Announcing @wiz co-founder of @mempool, a self-hosted mempool explorer for the community, speaking at

Get your tickets at baltichoneybadger.com

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Ministry of Nodes Ubuntu Node Box Guide 2022 has been released and is available for viewing. The playlist can be found here.

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This node box I built back in March 2019 is still the machine I use today.

It enables me to earn bitcoin, verify it and spend it in a privacy preserving way. It also runs both LND and CLN.

Reliable, stable, running 24/7 for over 3 years and still going strong. twitter.com/_k3tan/status/1103

Fun exercise for my followers:
Who has control over this address?

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Price when released:

iPhone 4 cost 2,857
iPhone 5 cost 16.6
iPhone 6 cost 2.17
iPhone 7 cost 1.28
iPhone 8 cost 0.24
iPhone X cost 0.16
iPhone 11 cost 0.14
iPhone 12 cost 0.06
iPhone 13 cost 0.02

Embrace deflation and adopt

Updated my @mempool explorer instance to version 2.4.0-beta3. (The mining dashboard version)
So many nice new features!
Thanks to all that helped! 🎉

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incentivizes renewables, blah, blah, blah...
I need ACTUAL examples 🤞. Please pr

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Looking for a bookstore that accepts ? Then you've come to the right place! Choose from millions of book titles and pay with , and other .


🔐 ln.cash is a service which allows creating secret links containing . Once a link has been created and paid for, a unique url is generated which can be shared with anyone who may claim it and receive bitcoin. Example: ln.cash/2tgQ6WCxGME2LvsufMg9NE

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Philipp testet unseren neuen ATM. Ab sofort könnt Ihr bei uns kaufen⚠️⚠️


@P_Breuninger @linaseiche @copiaro @fulmolightning

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Die Vorfreude steigt! Der Zeitplan gibt schon mal einen Vorgeschmack auf das was euch am 11.6. im Schafstall erwartet – wir freuen uns auf euch! 🐏

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muss zerstört werden - Ein Plädoyer für den bedingungslosen Konsum, von W.Wiesmaier.


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Consolidated a few of my older projects into , a cheap and simple unit for turning anything on with 🚀, with OR without a screen.
Tutorial for easily retrofitting 3 cheap/fun gizmos to accept coming soon 🦾

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Nothing to see here.

Just a board member of one of the biggest German banks holding up his fullnode.

h/t @blocktrainer

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Kunden der Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Bayern Mitte können ab sofort direkt bei ihrer Bank die BitBox02 bestellen!

Mit ihrem neuen Bitcoingo-Portal wird die Bank zu einem Vorreiter in Sachen -Bildung.


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