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This should make the bitcoin games section at conferences a lot more fun! streaming sats via @zebedeeio GamerTag on Oculus Quest 2 + Beatsaber

RT @HillebrandMax
The new @bisq_network v2 UI looks insanely good!

Providing multiple intuitive options for stacking sats privately.

RT @LightRider5
First tests of @RaspiBlitz new WebUI look very promising.

More testers are welcome: github.com/rootzoll/raspiblitz

RT @BitMEXResearch
[1/4] Since activation in Nov 2021, usage of Taproot has been minimal. According to TXStats.com, a BitMEX & @coinmetrics site, only 0.05% of BTC is stored in Taproot outputs

However, slow, steady & non-disruptive adoption of new features is a model many prefer

RT @rootzoll
The Release Candidate 2 for RaspiBlitz v1.8 introducing the WebUI is out ... if you have a node to play with please help testing it and report back any problems you can still find as github issue. Download 1.8.0RC2 sd card image from dev branch: github.com/rootzoll/raspiblitz

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Eine kurze Einführung, wie die Hupe funktioniert und was unser Shirt bedeutet 😎 Lasst es hupen! Den QR-Code sowie LNURL zum kopieren findet ihr unten 👇 @MaunaLion

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Stammtisch #32 International #1
@gladstein , @NikoJilch , @LightRider5 , @BitMoin_

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“Allowing Julian Assange to be extradited to the US would put him at great risk and sends a chilling message to journalists the world over.”

@AgnesCallamard calls for the US to drop the charges, and for to be freed

One of my oldest Lightning Network channel was closed. It was open for 3 years and 226 days.
Yow will be missed @lnbig_com
Not really, we have another younger channel. ⚡️

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Announcing @wiz co-founder of @mempool, a self-hosted mempool explorer for the community, speaking at

Get your tickets at baltichoneybadger.com

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The mempool cleared last night. I guess @Binance is relieved their stuck transaction went through.
Gotta say, getting ₿32.4k stuck in an unconfirmed change output is a sight to behold. mempool.space/tx/c0dced538a512

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pins are now available too. the price remains at 21K sats for the time being.

I can send them by post, ideally collect them in the twentyone groups, that saves on shipping costs

Find consensus and send me a DM.


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Es gibt Bitcoin - und es gibt Shitcoins! 🎤 🎶

Deutscher Plebrap mit @toobittofail @justanothernod3 beim @_einundzwanzig_-Sommerfest! ☀️ ⚡

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We just released mempool v2.4.0 🚀
• new mining dashboard
• new blockchain graphs
• new mempool visualization
• new blocks / mining pool page
• and much more!

Coming soon to your own Raspberry Pi hardware powered by your favorite Bitcoin fullnode OS

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The fed is now tracking the price of eggs in sats.

I'm not kidding


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Looking for a bookstore that accepts ? Then you've come to the right place! Choose from millions of book titles and pay with , and other .


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Thanks to a recent contribution by @mononautical, we now feature a "bitfeed style" visualization of projected mempool blocks on mempool.space, which will be included as part of our upcoming mempool v2.4 release.

See it live: mempool.space/mempool-block/0

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