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Incredible, amazing /@lnbits powered NFC payment tag developed by @_TaxMeIfYouCan_ at @Paralelni_polis 🤩 🚀💪

@emzy very cool. Previously that terminal would just swipe your private key, which was unsafe AND slow. Now it's just unsafe :-)

@sjors @emzy are you saying that it scans your private key from the triangle? I don't think that's the case

@threed @emzy the original on chain one did. With lnurl I assume it gets a carte blanche token from the triangle, so it can take any amount from your node. But at least that allows the node to revoke it, set reasonable (rate) limits, etc.

@threed @emzy unless they made triangles orders of magnitude smarter and being able to sign transactions themselves.

@sjors @threed you can set limits for min and max value and the time interval. So at least you can limit the risk. Of cause it is only non custodial if you use your own Lnbits.

@emzy @threed that's really nice though and probably a good compromise between usability and safety.

One way to improve it could be if you can whitelist the current bar node, so nobody can pickpocket you. Though maybe just keep the NFC in a mini Faraday cage.

Also "assmilking" is word of the year...

@sjors @threed You have to press the "sent" button. So no pickpocket.

@emzy @sjors yeah, pocket NFC scan isn't the issue here thanks to the button. The main risk is the seller charging more or repeatedly, which i think the default limits do a good job preventing. I could see having associated mobile phone app with this that notifies me if something fishy is happening...

@threed @sjors you have the option to check after the payment. And complain directly.

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