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The community managed Telegram group for Sparrow Wallet is the same as this handle @SparrowWallet (linked in the bio too). There are currently (much larger) fake groups on Telegram. Check carefully and report the fakes. t.me/SparrowWallet

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This should make the bitcoin games section at conferences a lot more fun! streaming sats via @zebedeeio GamerTag on Oculus Quest 2 + Beatsaber

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Reminder: Electrum is a -only project. Forks of our wallet software for other coins than Bitcoin are neither distributed by us, nor endorsed by us.

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The new @bisq_network v2 UI looks insanely good!

Providing multiple intuitive options for stacking sats privately.

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Unfortunately the ddos attacks on the Tor network got worse the last days and cause severe network disruptions. We are waiting for Tor to provide an update with mitigation, but none out yet so far. status.torproject.org/

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First tests of @RaspiBlitz new WebUI look very promising.

More testers are welcome: github.com/rootzoll/raspiblitz

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There's still time to apply for our Summer Seminar! If you'd like to contribute to Bitcoin Core or LN and want to expand upon your experience, apply today: learning.chaincode.com

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Bisq 1.9.2 was just publicly released.

It's a hotfix that upgrades the bundled Tor binary to help with connectivity issues caused by an ongoing DDOS attack on the Tor network.

Release notes:


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[1/4] Since activation in Nov 2021, usage of Taproot has been minimal. According to TXStats.com, a BitMEX & @coinmetrics site, only 0.05% of BTC is stored in Taproot outputs

However, slow, steady & non-disruptive adoption of new features is a model many prefer

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The Release Candidate 2 for RaspiBlitz v1.8 introducing the WebUI is out ... if you have a node to play with please help testing it and report back any problems you can still find as github issue. Download 1.8.0RC2 sd card image from dev branch: github.com/rootzoll/raspiblitz

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Eine kurze Einführung, wie die Hupe funktioniert und was unser Shirt bedeutet 😎 Lasst es hupen! Den QR-Code sowie LNURL zum kopieren findet ihr unten 👇 @MaunaLion

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Stammtisch #32 International #1
@gladstein , @NikoJilch , @LightRider5 , @BitMoin_

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“Allowing Julian Assange to be extradited to the US would put him at great risk and sends a chilling message to journalists the world over.”

@AgnesCallamard calls for the US to drop the charges, and for to be freed

One of my oldest Lightning Network channel was closed. It was open for 3 years and 226 days.
Yow will be missed @lnbig_com
Not really, we have another younger channel. ⚡️

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Announcing @wiz co-founder of @mempool, a self-hosted mempool explorer for the community, speaking at

Get your tickets at baltichoneybadger.com

I like the "Revoked Lightning Force Close" on the @mempool explorer.

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If you like me use your Macbook most time connected to the wall. This is a great tool to keep your battery only charged for example at 60%. This will extend the life time.
Can be installed with brew: brew install aldente

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Ministry of Nodes Ubuntu Node Box Guide 2022 has been released and is available for viewing. The playlist can be found here.

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