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We're back and bringing you another edition of Chaincode Decoded. In this short episode, we talk about Bech32m. Enjoy! podcast.chaincode.com/2021/04/

My GUIX bootstrapped deterministic build worked. After 4 days compiling through sources it was done.
More information here: github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/tre
Picture of the small thin client who did it.

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Du hast in letzter Zeit immer wieder mal von @lightning
gehört, aber keine Ahnung was das genau ist? Hier ein kleiner Überblick über die wichtigsten Fakten rund um das .

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Just in: Turkish Central Bank afraid of circular Bitcoin economy, bans sale of goods and services for Bitcoin, offering of payment solutions like BTCPayServer.

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So yeah, I've always been a hotdog BTW. @BTCVRDownunder Hangout.

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Reminder: Not your keys, not your . Any meaningful amount should be stored using cold storage, a multi-signature wallet, a hardware wallet, or a combination of those.

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Streaming now

Reviewing some code and some BIPs


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To help starting out with ⚡️ nodes added three different categories:
* Merchant
* Spending
* Routing
and the related basic principles to:

If finding it useful now can send some sats to this static lnurl-pay QR code at lntxbot.bigsun.xyz/@openoms

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You can now mine Bitcoin using your vintage Commodore 64: bit.ly/3uBpRB0

So do I get paid to join @Bitclout_?
Why are all the tokens listed in Dollars, if there is no way to sell them?
Or do I don't get it?
My SCAM alarm goes off if I see stuff like this.

If you are concerned about data leakage of public data, don't use social media. 😅

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For me it seems the leaked data from Clubhouse only include data that is public anyways:
User ID
Photo URL
Twitter handle
Instagram handle
Number of followers
Number of people followed by the user
Account creation date
Invited by user profile name
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Clubhouse data leak:

1.3 million user records leaked online for free


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In episode 34 @AaronvanW and I explain Erlay (mempool set reconciliation) and how it relates to those moon base iris scans we all use: nadobtc.libsyn.com/scaling-bit

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In honor of the the members of the 1st Ring of Fire



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I'm discussing “🇩🇪🇦🇹🇨🇭Bitcoin rettet die Welt” with @whitefleaCH, @PatrickLemke, @veronikakuett, @fabthefoxx, @KornderA, @emzy, and Café Bitcoin. Tomorrow, 9. Apr at 4:00 PM CEST on @joinClubhouse. Join us! joinclubhouse.com/event/xpoo2w

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We are excited to announce that Muun for Android now uses reproducible builds, and can be verified end-to-end!

1/n Thread on why this is important 🔽


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[email protected]🎶🍻🚀🤩
Tune in 6:30pm PT to see @cryptograffiti demo a payment revolution via an @lnbits extension built in collaboration with @fiatjaf

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