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@Toble_Miner and I wrote a Linux kernel driver to connect PATA (IDE) devices directly to the GPIO pins of a Raspberry Pi.
Only a small adapter with 33 ohm series resistors is needed.
It's fast enough to play (and stream) Audio CDs.


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1/ Running a massive set of Lightning nodes for @ln_strike has been fun and really interesting.

With Strike rapidly growing, we were seeing spikes of payment failure rates for the first time. Investigating lead us to some interesting insights 👇

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Dear Lebanese people, NGOs or anyone in Lebanon receiving money as donation from abroad. Many are considering sending you but you're not sure how to liquidate it into paper money. Here's a thread explaining the mechanism and the channels you could use👇

RT @CoinCornerMolly
We made 11 payments in a row in 2 mins and 20 secs (the max length of a Twitter video) ⚡️

Can you beat Team @CoinCorner? 👊

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⚡Version 1.6 of RaspiBlitz released⚡

Introducing IP2TOR & LetsEncrypt Subscriptions

Now also including: JoininBox (JoinMarketUI), ThunderHub, Fraday, Balance Of Satoshis and lots more ..

See details on v1.6 & how to update:

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This Saturday, @ziggamon, @bitrefill CEO, joins @udiWertheimer to discuss 's viability for payments!

Quit being a loner and join us!

⚡️ VR headset NOT REQUIRED!
▶️ YouTube link in 1st reply
🗓 Saturday Aug 8th, 6pm UTC/2pm ET/11am PT

SIGN UP: account.altvr.com/events/15326

🏕️Releasing campfire!🏕️
🔥A simple campfire for Bitcoiners with 16seats.🔥
🥳This world have been accepted as "public" meaning that anybody can access it from VRChat!
⬇️Meetup tomorrow ⬇️
See you soon in VRChat!

Today I finally did set up a proper alarming for my servers. I get the notifications via a telegram bot, feels more 2020 than email or sms. @icinga

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Up for more VR enabled chat?

Join us at Bitcoin Only VR Downunder for a wide ranging discussion on:

“Citadels: Fact, fiction and the path there”

Wednesday 5th
9pm Sydney - 7pm Singapore - Noon Greenwich

Details to join at:

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Requested to give them my phone, gave me this paper as an explanation. I didn’t feel like giving my phone. Wish me luck.

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We just shipped a new feature on mempool.space - realtime Bitcoin Fee Estimates are suggested on the front page using the latest mempool data!

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🌟Bitcoin Bounce Stats🌟
- 3,800 players in 24 hours
- 25,000 all time downloads
- 240,000 sats send in prizes
- 8,000 LN transactions in 24 hours

RT @MintGox
Here's today's MintGox 005 Schedule:

1:00: Advance play games
2:00: Kick off + Intro
2:15: @bitrefull Rally tourney
2:45: Prizes, stats, + awards
3:00: Museum tour + hangout

Head over to mintgox.com to join!

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It's 2020. Does your favourite digital exchange use chain analysis (aka chain surveillance) to spy on you? 😬

If you won't ask, how will you know? 🤔


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Energy independent economic full node. No state required.

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