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What can we do to increase PayJoin adoption? lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipe This is one great privacy tech that will be very important for helping bitcoin fulfil its potential as a permissionless money for the internet

Anonymized donations to @signalapp would be awesome.
Seems they look into it:
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@My2Gwei We're looking into it, but in the meantime we'll take your fiat so that you can continue to hodl.

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We have been adding new servers and extra capacity at a record pace every single day this week nonstop, but today exceeded even our most optimistic projections. Millions upon millions of new users are sending a message that privacy matters. We appreciate your patience.

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Pretty cool. SolarWinds hackers put malware on the build systems which would hijack the compile process and quietly insert the backdoor into the code every time the devs compiled it.

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Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 Released: What’s New.

"Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 is one of the biggest Bitcoin Core releases in recent years, introducing various new features as well as privacy and performance improvements"

Written by @AaronvanW.


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⚡Version 1.6.3 of RaspiBlitz released⚡

A smaller service release with mempool 2.0.1, specter 1.0.0, RTL 0.10.0, joininbox v0.1.16 plus smaller updates + fixes.

See details on v1.6.3 & how to update: github.com/rootzoll/raspiblitz

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Yay we made it to the fediverse blocklist without a single instance of anything that would offend even a woke person. The bar is low these days ooooof


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Casascius Coin Tracker is shutting down and moving to Mastodon.

Please follow at himk.am/@casasciusbot.

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A new set of stickers is released into the world. 💌

Courtesy of @BTCSTREETART and @ideaslikeflames. ⚡

Available for international shipping at shop.fulmo.org/shop/

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Recently, we shared news of a data dump. On December 23, we were alerted by our e-commerce provider Shopify about an incident in April & June '20 where their rogue team members exported merchants' customer databases. Ledger was included. More details: bit.ly/3qf8BPL

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Bitcoin Optech newsletter #131 is here:

- describes proposed Bitcoin P2P message
- outlines BIP for the bech32 modified address format
- covers idea for preventing dual-funded channel UTXO probing
- summary of 'Add unit testing of node eviction logic' PR


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Check out my Lightning powered spam protection extension for MediaWiki.
It can easily be installed on any wiki.

Pay a small invoice to become a trusted user so you can edit the wiki.

Source code and instructions: github.com/pseudozach/Lightnin


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Just showing off what the latest @mempoolspace is like on a Raspberry Pi 4. ;-)

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Those 1 sat/vByte transactions are finally getting cleared out of the mempool... but, the correct term is: purged 🔥

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Join us for our next online meetup on Thursday, January 21st, 8pm CET, for a "light Socratic" when we review the year 2020 in Bitcoin. With @SebastianvStaa, @emzy, and more!


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Today, 19 years after the establishment of the detention centre, we call for the urgent closure of this place of , & , the very existence of which is a disgrace for the & the as a whole. twitter.com/UNGeneva/status/13

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After a year of hard work, we've just shipped Mempool v2 for Raspberry Pi devices. Thanks everyone for your support, now everyone will be able to self-host mempool.space at home, as soon as your favorite RPI distro upgrades to using mempool v2 🚀 github.com/mempool/mempool/rel

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