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12 years later, is still alive and thriving in the Czech Republic. Thanks for your pioneering work and long-term dedication. twitter.com/slush/status/14974

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The poll yesterday was just to troll @dergigi, of course we already added a switch so you can make time flow in either direction twitter.com/mempool/status/157

I gave a lecture at the University of for 30 students from the dept. of Mathematics today. @BFFbtc

After my talk we installed wallets and they received their first sats.

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Tap to pay with lightning NFC cards is the smoothest payments UX

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We finally got a public signet @fedimint instance at faucet.sirion.io/! 🎉🎉🎉

Thanks to @_JustinMoon_, jkitman, @dpc_pw, @kodylow, Maan2003, Nico and all our other amazing contributors that got us this far!

How to test it out? See the 🧵 below:

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There's no better place than @Paralelni_polis for the first real @fedimint mainnet transaction! ☕️

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New release: Electrum 4.3.2. Mostly bug fixes. Release notes and downloads: electrum.org/#download

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Tag 2 der ➡️ youtu.be/H5PVLPI2rX4 mit den Speakern @saylor @IjomaMangold @scholarium_at @Justdoitalex @emzy @orangedmike @coinfinity @relai_app @NikoJilch @BitcoinDebbi @GuntherSchnabl @einemillionsats @derPeter21 uvm

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Watch live as transactions enter the mempool and then get published on the blockchain. Wait about 10 minutes for the full effect!

> bitfeed.live

1/25 Middle of September we did a tour from Harare to the Eastern Highlands in Zimbabwe. It’s interesting how my perception of Africa is changing by seeing all the different landscapes. I guess many people who aren’t from the continent believe that Africa is only deserts.

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Currently editing the Bitcoin Takeover podcast season 12 premiere, featuring Thomas Voegtlin.

He created Electrum wallet in 2011, still works on the project, and it doesn't get any more OG than this 🔥

🚨Subscribe to the pod on Spotify, Apple Podcasts & YouTube 🚨

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Vielen Dank @derPeter21 für die großartige @thebconf im wunderschönen Innsbruck! Spannende Vorträge, der Austausch mit der Community, sowie die OrangePillParty machen das Event unvergesslich.

Looking forward to !

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@P_Breuninger @AloisSchmalzl
Ganz entspannt den vollen Tank mit bezahlt.
Auch wenn Philips Herz blutete 😂

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It's happening. A gas station in Germany now accepting Bitcoin.

This is the beginning of the Petro-Bitcoin system! twitter.com/leinert/status/157

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I was always wondering what's the difference between Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Now I know: Google knows about every f*cking payment you make, while Apple doesn't.

More about Apple Pay: codeburst.io/how-does-apple-pa

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We will be joined later today by @JeremyRubin to discuss his "Creating drivechains with APO and a trusted setup" idea along with @Truthcoin speaking about drivechains more generally

Join us!


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Here we go, Tag 2 ist wieder online! youtu.be/LJ-knCLACqw
On top werden wir euch in den kommenden Tagen alle Vorträge auch einzeln zur Verfügung stellen. @BTCVerstehenPod @NikoJilch @IjomaMangold @scholarium_at @Justdoitalex @emzy @coinfinity @einemillionsats uvm

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Gute Fragerunde auf der @thebconf mit @fbrenneis als Moderator, der @AdrianaMiraSV und @MariaLuisaHayem zu Bitcoin in El Salvador löchert und auch die "unangenehmen" Fragen stellt.

Was hat sich seit der Einführung des Bitcoin-Gesetzes vor gut einem Jahr geändert?

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Wow, auf der @thebconf kann man bei @aprycotmedia das wunderbare "Magic Future Money" kaufen UND mit etwas Glück von @fbrenneis signieren lassen. 🤯

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