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Happy Holidays to all bitcoiners. It's been one hell of a ride this year. Heck, even during the past few days :)

A big day for bitcoin privacy and fungibility, the first ever multi-transaction CoinSwap on bitcoin testnet.

The user Alice sent 0.05 tBTC split up over three transactions.
These txes dont look particularly special (which is the point), but they are CoinSwaps.

Following the CoinSwap protocol, those coins are transferred off-chain in a non-custodial way to the market maker Bob. Even though the coin are unspent at the time of writing, they are unilaterally controlled by Bob.

Wow, this is kind of awful.
It seems that in the modern world, if you run *any* business, not just a bank, you are an arm of law enforcement.

Ah yes, “Soy Milk”, from the Spanish “I am Milk”

Talking on an analog phone line is deeply satisfying. I think it's the lack of latency; we're used to 100-500ms delay in most cell phone conversations. It's almost spooky to talk to someone for half an hour and not once have to say "no, sorry, go ahead" or add additional space to make sure someone's done speaking.

Challenges, priorities, and progress in anti-censorship technology at Tor

Censorship circumvention is a complex and ever evolving problem, and this blog post summarizes our approach in tackling it.

Read more our new blog post:

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