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Really comes down to this.
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If you think that lockdowns work, feel free to lock yourself down indefinitely.

Living in a free society means you do not get to foist your unscientific, counterproductive hysteria on me and my family.

"TSA and DEA officials seized Terry’s life savings of over $82,000 from Rebecca as she was flying from Pittsburgh to her home outside Boston, where she intended to open a joint bank account to help care for her father..."

Given the abundant theft that keeps happening within those so-called DeFi projects due to their ironic centralized control, I'm grateful for the thoughtfulness that went into the @Bisq DAO. It may not be apparent in the sensational media, but I believe that the Bitcoin ecosystem has the better toys.

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@CryptoTweetie As a bitcoin-only user, I appreciate that @Coinkite anr @nvk want to keep their talents focused on a product that does one thing well — secure my bitcoin. I don’t want their research+dev efforts, budget, and talent spread thin supporting the shifting winds of shitcoin trading.

Someone asked the key question...
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Out of curiosity I dug into how NFT's actually reference the media you're "buying" and my eyebrows are now orbiting the moon

Morgan Stanley is only ALLOWING its wealthier clients access to the volatile asset. Does it get any sillier?

is permissionless. If you're not rich, get some bitcoin now and hold your own keys. No need for intermediaries who tell you what you're allowed to do!

When a musician’s name came up suddenly with a sad face in our casual slack, it used to mean they’d died. Now it means they’ve started talking about NFTs.

Every trader thinks he is smarter than the market, until he isn’t.

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Finally setting up my @COLDCARDwallet

I feel like an 8 year old turning on my Gameboy for the first time 😁

@Coldcard A related question is: Is there a way to have the address explorer begin listing addresses starting at index n, such that I don't have to rely on the address list from a software wallet. Instead I'd scan the QR codes displayed in the coldcard.

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@Coldcard Is there a way to verify that the outputs in a PSBT are in the current wallet? For example, while signing a transaction the coldcard will tell you if the outputs are in the current wallet. I'm asking if the same can be done, but without trying to sign the transaction. The use case is when moving funds between wallets; To verify they are going to the intended wallet.

Does have a Tor onion address?

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